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Crush the Ships  v.1.0

Categories: Action & Shooting Protect your kingdom from the enemy fleet - crush the ships. Earn gold to buy more ballistic weapons! Awesome arcade. 12 levels. 6 weapon types. breathtaking gameplay. Use mouse to aim. Pull the ribbon to throw stones. A ...

Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships  v.19.0

Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships is another interesting detective game where you will have to solve a mystery in the Caribbean.

You will guide Nancy Drew. You are in the Bahamas, and someone has kidnapped your friend, Bess Marvin. You ...


Maritime Ships Database  v.1. 9. 2001

Maritime Ships Database is a ship database covering engine driven ships since the invention of steam engines. Added to present coverage of present world fleet details as well as ships on order, Maritime Ships Database is adding ships of the past for the ...

Freelancer  v.8.74.1223.11

You are the freelancer Edison Trent, an intergalactic jack-of-all-trades. Your mission: whatever you want. Become a smuggler or a ruthless space thug, a naval hero or a trader. Dodge through asteroid fields while piloting elite spacecraft. The action ...

Freelancer Companion  v.2 2

This program is a companion tool for Microsoft game Freelancer.
It parses the game files (original or modified) and extract useful information displayed through an advanced traderoute calculator.
It is useful :
- For Traders: It helps players ...

Ships Log  v.

Now you won't be wondering what day you last went to Block Island or how much you paid for winterization last year! Use Ships Log regularly and you'll be on top of things!

C64 Battle ships  v.

- Freezing bug with auto shipbuyer and default ships fixed

Version 1.2
- Improved input management
- New theme music
- Points display after the battle

Version 1.1
- Freezing bug fixed
- Icons added

- ...

Sink the ships  v.

In this game you have to sink all ships of your opponent. You play on a two 10x10 cell fields. The first field is where you place your ships. The ships can be moved by dragging them with a finger and rotated by double tapping them. Ships can't touch each ...

Battling Ships  v.

You are looking through a periscope of a submarine and you have ten torpedoes to blow up ten ships. If you have no misses you are given three extra rounds of game play.

In this version you can configure several options:
- Use accelerometer ...

Tiki Battle Ships  v.1.0

Tiki Battle Ships is a Dashboard widget where you sink your opponent's ships! Your ships are on the right, and your Mac's ships are on the left. First player to sink their opponent's ships wins!.

Civilization IV Mods  v.1.0

Civilization IV Mods houses and releases customization packages (mods) for Sid Meier's Civilization IV. The latest work is Realism:Invictus, a mod for the Beyond the Sword expansion.

Mods of Scorched3d  v.1.5.2

Scorched3d-Mods is a collection of comunity made mods for Scorched3d. You can find Scorched3d at ...

Pentapenguin's phpBB MODs  v.0.1.0

pentapenguin's phpBB MODs. Free MODs for the phpBB Forum software.

Military Ships Encyclopedia  v.1.4

Military Ships contains the history of Military Ships and Images and stories of their uses throughout history. Military Ships contains military ships from around the world.Two quizzes to test your knowledge of Ships.

Egyptian Ships  v.

The Egyptians want to build a pyramid in a new town.

But one of their gods is hostile to them. He sends out his followers to stop the egyptian project.

Help the egyptian workers to reach the town!

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