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Ame Mail Checker  v.0.4.5

Ame Mail Checker is a mail docklet to track unreads from remote, especially WEB-based, post services, with extended functionality to manipulate unread letters, several types of notifications, possibility to track many accounts at once and more. The main ...

Animate Me!  v.2.2

Program features:
- loads background picture for created animation from BMP, JPEG, PSD, PCX, TGA, PNG and GIF- files;
- manages the list of animation effects and calls edit dialogs to set parameters of each effect;
- defines animation parameters: count of frames, delay and number of loops;
- builds animation on the base of list of animation effects;
- exports created animations to GIF, SWF and AVI- files;
- optimizes size of created GIF- files;
- saves animation scripts in AME- files;
- creates ...


GeomSpace  v.0.9b Alpha

Tiny and standard dependence libraries (mesa OpenGL and GLU, freeg-lut1);
3. Really cross{platform (current version compiles without modi cation of the code for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows and CygWin, including 32 and 64 bit versions).

Interchange-O-Mat X  v.1.0

AME-Electroplating GmbH.

TuneCam  v.2.0

AME-Electroplating GmbH.

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