Free Teacher Puzzle Makers


Free Funny Puzzle  v.2.0.0

This kids' free jigsaw puzzle is full of funny colorful pictures; it features user-friendly interface and pleasant sounds; every minor detail in the game is thought through making the time spent playing the game very worth it. The game has been designed ...

Free laptop puzzle  v.1 21

Play this free laptop entertaining puzzle. Consider yourself a winner if you can put together this free laptop puzzle in under 2 minutes.


Frost Free Freezers - Puzzle  v.1.0

Frost Free Freezers; Shopping for frost free freezers can definitely be confusing for all consumers. It seems that most of us in today's society are constantly trying to find ways to save money.

We hear the horror stories about people losing ...

Letris 2 FREE: Word puzzle game  v.1.5

Letris is a simple game where you must build words in order to keep the screen clean and tidy as long as possible. A simple concept that will catch you with frenetic gameplay while trying to defeat the next level and beat your own score. ? EAS ...

Letris Power FREE: Word puzzle game  v.1.1

Letris Power stems from the same simple and addictive gameplay which has turned Letris 2 into one of the most played word games in the MacStore, adding a new strategic factor: 3 different powers to be saved in order to use them at the most convenient ...

Sudoku Puzzle Game  v.1.0

Play our free soduku puzzle game.

Free Mahjongg Blade  v.1.0

Free Mahjongg Blade tile matching board game is fun, free, and easy to play. In this free mahjongg puzzle game, your goal is to eliminate all the mahjongg tiles by matching them in pairs. Free Mahjongg Blade is very difficult, so every move counts. Eliminate ...

Free jQuery Slide Maker  v.2.0

Free jQuery Slider Makers are more and more popular recently. Then Hi Slider is a brilliant Free jQuery Sliders Makers to make beautiful images and video jQuery SlideShow. It not only can create simple images gallery or slideshow but also can be enriched ...

Deducrion online puzzle

Deduction free logic puzzle. Click on one of the five spaces to change the color of the rock in it. You can choose from five colors. When you press done, you get a white rock for every rock in the right place, and a black rock for every rock that is the ...

GCS Dream House Puzzle  v.1

Play and have fun with free jigsaw puzzle game. Complete your dream house to win ...

Starting A Computer Repair Business  v.1.1

Free Jigsaw Puzzle Game for windows with a technology time lapse inner city theme. This game is a freeware download to help promote the launch of The Tech Business Kit also known as TBK or "Starting a Computer Repair Business". Please share with your ...

Forest Maze  v.1.0

Free logic puzzle game from Guide the Hedgehog carry the food to the holes (light blue cells) in this Sokoban style freeware puzzle game.

Building Academy  v.1.0

Free physics puzzle game from Use all your skill to build the stable architecture using the blocks. Controls: to rotate the block left mouse click, to take figure move the mouse to the top of the screen. There are twenty levels with ...

ISudoku Game  v.1.01

iSudoku Game is a free Sudoku puzzle game for the windows PC. Play in Full Screen or windowed mode. drag the numbers from the left or click the cell for hints. Highlight a number by hovering over the bar on the left. Never the same puzzle twice.

If ...

Rainy Street in Rye - Jigsaw  v.1.0

Rainy Street in Rye Jigsaw Puzzle. This a free promotional puzzle game by Monkfish Web Design.

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