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IFOP  v.Nov2014

Free source code (OpenVMS COBOL) and documentation files of IFOP, a customized MRP II application (Manufacturing Resource Planning). This is a fully integrated and self-contained system, with hundreds of interrelated functions for production, sales, shipping, ...

Professional TAGEditor  v.2.0

Professional Tag Editor is free source code application to manage MP3 and WMA Tagging. And also provide many classes for developers to make their own professional tag editor in just a minute.

Now a day, all audio files contain some type of ...


Confetti  v.1.0

Free source code.
3. Ant build file.Requirements:
* Java ...

Visual Basic Controls (Source Code)  v.3.0

Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Free Visual Basic source code control example for creating a Command button. All of the VB Source Code is compatible with VB3, VB4, VB5 and VB6.

.Biz ITSM  v.2.0

Unlimited License + Source Code + Free Software = Incredible Value Do you want a Demo or have questions? To get your completely free and unlimited license,just call or send an e-mail to .

Bin2Iso  v.1.0

A Free Tool to Convert Bin Image Format to ISO Image Format. Bin2Iso is a free tool for converting one CD image format (Bin) to another format (ISO). The conversion routine is very simple. Just read the Bin image and according to it's structure, write ...

DirtyCopy  v.1.0

Copy files/directories from source directory to distention directory.
2. Control memory buffer to speed up the copy process.
3. Scan source directory to see all the files and directories inside, and get abstract info about the source directory.

Directory Mirror  v.1.0

It allow you create and maintain an exact copy of a source directory in a target directory, creating and maintaining "Restore Points" for directories you choose. The files and directories in the target directory will have the exact dates and supported ...

Text2PDF  v.1.0

A free utility to convert text files to Adobe PDF. The Text2PDF is a free utility to convert any text file to PDF format. As you know PDF is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format. This means, you can view, edit and print this type of document in ...

StuffFTP  v.0.11

StuffFTP is a free for life FTP client. This FTP client will allow you to connect to FTP servers and upload and download files., An FTP client to connect and work on an FTP server.StuffFTP Features:
1. Able to upload/download from server/computer

LCM-Builder  v.1.3

LCM-Builder now creates clean and clear ASP code with a maximum room for free maintenance. LCM-Builder 1.3 creates web applications that are multi-lingual ready and have all the Insert, Update, Delete and record navigation functionality and buttons build ...

AS Code Warehouse  v.1.0

Here comes the AS Code Warehouse AS Code Warehouse is a free hierachical source code snippet database,various programming languages.It is one of the most extensive professional source code snippets manager for software developers. It allows you to manage ...

SMDoubleSlider  v.2.0

The SMDoubleSlider distribution is an open source project that allows you to use sliders with two knobs instead of the standard one knob variety. SMDoubleSlider Distribution Site. Open source Cocoa double slider code for programming on MacOS X.

DrawTools  v.2 5

There are well-known techniques for creating such type of applications, like: interaction with mouse, flicker-free drawing, implementing of drawing and selection tools, objects selection, managing of objects Z-order etc. MFC developers may learn all ...

ImageBatchResizer  v.1.0

If you select the 'Batch Processing' box, the program will resize in alphabetical order all the JPG images saved in the source folder, without asking anything. If that box is not checked, the program will ask the user if he wants to resize each one of ...

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