Free Shooting Targets


Galaxian Fire

Galaxian Fire is a classical free shooting game. The nasty aliens lined up in three rows and are closing on you fast.
You have to shoot them down with your space craft. Shoot fast to gain more bonus points. Move left and right and
get rid of ...

Robo Commander

Robo Commander is great free shooting game. You are a Space robot that is under heavy attack from enemy
spacecrafts. You need to protect yourself and your little space in this big Universe. The big laser gun will certainly
help. But without ...


Romulanian Invasion

Romulanian Invasion is a great strategic free shooting game. You have to protect your space base against hostile
Romulanians. You are aware of their technological superiority. That is why before attacking you need to explore the
Universe and ...

Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor is an awesome space free shooting game. You are an intergalactic explorer. Your mission is to
explore every new planet out there. On this particular mission you noticed some heavy alien activity. The word is
that they might ...

Starfighter Pulsar

Starfighter Pulsar is the fastest space free shooting game. You are under a heavy attack coming from alien
spaceships. These are the fastest ships you have ever fought against. You will have to use all your knowledge and
shooting skills to defeat ...

Comet Smasher

Comet Smasher is a free shooting game where you need to blast apart some comets. Your space ship entered a
thick belt of comets in the middle of the Universe. Your only way out is to blast them all. The comets are closing on
you fast so your ...

Sphere Destroyer

In this free shooting game you have a special job to do. With your space craft you have to shoot down some
spheres. All spheres are red and marked with numbers. Your job is to shoot them in exact numerical order from 1 to
10. Each sphere you ...

Space Shooter Saga

Space Shooter Saga is the fastest free shooting game. You are flying across the Galaxy and suddenly you are
being attacked by enemies. Their spacecrafts are extremely fast and they appear in all shapes and sizes. Your job
is simple. Be even ...

Alien Pest

Alien Pest free shooting game gives you a chance to shoot some nasty alien
cockroaches. You discovered a strange planet far from our solar System. This planet is full of holes where the
ugliest, biggest green cockroaches live. Since you hate ...

Mad Dog Buster  v.2.0

Brutally entertaining free shooting game, which made all the other arcade shooting games look like boring mahjong junk games.

Mad Dog Buster is a new trendsetter in arcade shooting games. It a perfect mix of gangster cartoon and intense shooting ...

Alien Bust  v.2.0

Free shooting games experts are exactly what this game needs. If you got tired of those child easy shooting games, well you just discovered the real thing for you. Being a captain of the US anti-alien special force, you get to operate the latest human ...

Balloon Cat

Flash original free shooting additive game by
The cat is flying on the balloon with a gun. It shoots the monsters and dragons, avoids their shots, and collects bonuses that kitten generates (armor, bullets, scores). You have three ...

Shotgun Vendetta

Shotgun Vendetta is a great free shooting game. Now reload your gun and show those alien thin-
cans. Free shooting games is what you wanted to play and that is exactly what you get with Shotgun Vendett ...

Micro Fight

Micro Fight is free shooting game in which you get all the fun
shooting viruses absolutely free.

War of Insects

War of Insects is a different kind of free shooting games. Play this interesting shooting game and fight for your

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