Free C Development


Free web development icons

60 Free web development icons,24x24 free icon set in web 2.0 style. These icons are free to use in any kind of project unlimited times. Download more free icons please browse ...

Creative-C++ - Development Environment!  v.6 15

Creative-C++ is a Great Looking, Excellent Working, Amazing C/C++ Programming Compiler and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For The Microsoft Windows Operating Systems... It Uses The Famous MingW32 Compiler as the basis of its Compilation System.


Free Management Development ToolBar (Firefox Version)

Addresses manager, supervisor and executive need for professional development and updating. Free, easy to use toolbar brings educational audio, video and articles so they are available at the fingertips of any manager or executive using Firefox or IE.

Visual C++ Express Edition  v.2010

Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition provides a complete integrated development and debugging environment making it the easiest way to create powerful applications using the C/C++ language. Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition also contains an enhanced version ...

Perl Express

A free integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl with multiple tools for writing and debugging your scripts. It features multiple CGI scripts for editing, running, and debugging; multiple input files; full server simulation; queries created from ...

ActiveDeveloper  v.2.1.9

ActiveDeveloper is a Runtime Objective-C IDE that takes an Object and Development oriented approach to merging Objective-C Development and Debugging into ONE single combined activity - as opposed to the more Debugging and C stack level oriented approach ...

XD++ MFC Library Standard Edition 7.40 (VC7.0)  v.7.3

C++ Source Code, VC++ Source Code, Visual C++ Tutorial & Example, MFC Source Code & library, Free .NET diagram of FLowChart Drawing Component Download, Report Print, UML Drawing Tool, Workflow, Electronic Form, C#,SCADA,HMI. C++ Source Code, VC++ Source ...

OpenStat  v.30. 6. 2010

OpenStat is a general-purpose statistics package written in the Borland C++ Development compiler (Version 5). It was originally written as an aid in the teaching of statistics to students enrolled in a social science program. It has been expanded to provide ...

Logi Report  v.10.0.337

Logi Report is a free report development system that lets you create and deliver rich, Web-based reports to your corporate end-users.
Logi Report is wizard-driven and uses a full library of reusable elements, requiring little or no coding on the ...

WeatherDan  v.8.0.0

WeatherDan is a FREE C#.NET virtual 'weatherman' that runs in your system tray.

Key Features:

* Retrieves local weather for any configured ZIP code.
* Auto-retrieves updated weather at a configured interval.
* Simple ...

Echo 2009

Free C It wont cost you a cent ever.

2. Super Fast C Echo will compress highly your files and split it as multiple blocks even its size is quite small, and then Echo will upload the compressed file block parallelly. It means Echo allows you ...

IMaker  v.1.0

com has many other free web development tools.

SmartWin++  v.2.0

SmartWin is a 100% free C GUI and SOAP library for developing Windows applications both on Desktop, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile or Windows CE based systems, it's free both as in 'free beer' and as in 'free speech', you can freely use SmartWin for commercial ...

XStyle  v.

com has many other free web development tools.

WebMatrix 2 Beta  v.1.0

WebMatrix is a free web development tool from Microsoft that includes everything you need for website development. Start from open source web applications, built-in web templates or just start writing code yourself. ItOCOs all-inclusive, simple and best ...

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