Fractal Equations Math


Math Equations  v.

Simple math equation solver.

Linear Ax + B = 0,
Quadratic Ax^2 + Bx + C = 0,
Linear systems 2x2 and 3x3.
Ratio calculator x/A = B/C

Free version - ad-supported.

Math ODF Recovery  v.8.12.01

Unexpected system shut down, virus attacks, media corruption or any similar mishaps could damage Math ODF file. Manually repair does not happen so often, hence, third party Math ODF Recovery tool is used. With interactive user interface and graphical ...


Crazy Math Games  v.1.5

Crazy Math Games, a multimedia software, to help your kids learn math funny.

Six modules(Column Operations, Four Operations, Crazy Multiplacation, Searching Equations, Matching Questions and 24 Points) to improve your kids' mental arithmetic ...

Abacus Math Writer  v.4.0

MathWriter is a stand-alone program that allows for the production of, Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering equations and formulae.Schoolteachers and Lecturers will find MathWriter useful for producing notes, reports and test papers. The program is ...

Math Worm  v.2.0

A puzzle where you delve into a mathematical maze for answers to simple arithmetic equations. You must navigate the underground maze using numbers as clues while digging a tunnel for your math worm to get home. Mark the tunnel by completing adjacent arithmetic ...

Math-o-mir  v.1.7

Write down your equations with Math-o-mir, the mathematical paper. Math-o-mir is a simple tool for editing mathematical equations and writing informal mathematical text. It is not focused to one single equation but you can write down the whole mathematical ...

Math Editor  v.1.0.3

Edit your equations fast and easy. Math Editor is an equation editor for mathematical and scientific purpose. Presently the software is not doing much except enabling users to type in some math stuff and save it in the softwares binary format.

Financial-Math Calculator  v.1.0.0

Financial-Math Calculator is a small financial calculator, it will help you calculate some basic financial equations (time value of money). You can find present / future value of a single sum , present / future value of an ordinary annuity, rate, number ...

Math Mobile  v.

Are you interested in studying detailed methodology of integrals, differential equations and series?
Are you a high-school student? A university student? A maths professor? An engineer?
Do you need an extended handbook with math formulas?
You ...

Math Rocks!  v.

MathRocks! is a powerful tool for solving a wide range of math problems using your WP7 device. You will be able to deal with integrals, non-linear and differential equations, optimize functions, generate distributions and draw plots. The app is useful ...

Math Cards  v.

Math Cards improves basic math skills through dynamically generated equations. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a combination of all four with Math Cards simple to use flash card interface.

- Trial version includes ...

Fast Math  v.

Test your math skills.

Solve as many equations as you can.

The score is the speed of solving (number of correctly solved
equations per minute).

Try Fast Math free for 30 days.

Math assistant  v.

Math assistant is a multifunctional mathematical application.
It has such options as:
1. Solution of the equations of the second/third degree and the linear differential equations with constant coefficients.
2. Operations for matrices (search ...

123 Math  v.

Training in basic maths in the following topics:
- Geometry
- Fractions
- Equations
- Basic Math (Plus, Minus, Times & Division)
- Symbols
- Times Table

Proposals for more exercises are welcome :)
Please write a review ...

Math Masters  v.

- Math Masters is an awesome calculations game that increase your mental thinking and your brain performance by train you day by day on the mathematical equations

- There are three levels at the game :
1 - Easy for kids
2 - Normal for ...

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