Fortran Code Developer Interface Ubuntu


Ftagshtml  v.0.521

Ftagshtml converts fortran code into HTML in order to browse and navigate in the call tree for any routine or abstract fortran 90 interface. Compatible with basic C analysis, mixing with fortran 77 and 90.

ARTS PDF Split Pro  v.

For automated processing, documents can be dropped into a watched folder or scheduled via the command line or developer interface. You may use this program to perform intelligent splitting based on page content, bookmarks, file size, and page ranges.


ESoftSerial Organizer  v.1 6

37 fields (Title, Description, Reg-Name, Reg-Code, Developer info, Links, Price...), Images (Screenshots, Box...), Comments and other extra fields (Unicode support). Database password protection. Advanced Import and Export options, Print, View and hide ...

RabbitMQ Java AMQP client library  v.2.8.0

The RabbitMQ Java client library allows Java code to interface to AMQP servers. The library is platform neutral; the binary distributions listed below differ only in the version of Java they are intended for use with. Please see the specification page ...

Doxsl  v.1.0.1.rc.1

Doxsl is a solution for generating code/developer documentation for XSLT stylesheets. The solution can generate many output formats including DocBook, DITA, and HTML. Doxsl can be easily extended to enable output to other formats.

HTMLPad 2011  v.11.2

Clean and convenient interface, quick startup, true flexibility and powerful features allow you to create and edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and ASP code faster and easier than ever, while integrated tools enable you to validate, reuse, navigate and ...

AutoFlowchart  v.3 2

AutoFlowchart is a developer's tool able to simplify the titanic job of having a source code logic in order and seeing the whole process step by step. The program allows its user to have a source code graphic that will simplify the task of checking whether ...

Easy Fractal  v.3.50

Full access to the Mac OS toolbox, large extent of mathematical functions, fast compiler generates highly optimized code, integrated source code debugger.

Omikron Basic  v.8.5

Just open a new programming window, type in the desired programming code and with just one mouse click ('Debug' or 'Compile & Run'), the program can be tested right away. Programming Language Omikron Basic and Fractal Art Program Easy Fractal for Mac.

Adillis smartDBforms.NET  v.1 2

You have full access to the user interface templates and can redesign them using the design time surface of Visual Studio. You have full control over the mapping of data types to user interface templates.

smartDBforms.NET provides a data source ...

FreeMat  v.3.6

FreeMat includes several novel features such as a codeless interface to external C/C++/FORTRAN code, parallel/distributed algorithm development (via MPI), and plotting and visualization capabilities.Please consider making a donation to the project.WHAT'S ...

Happytime Onvif Server  v.4.5

Full support ONVIF specification

Support cross-platform compile

Do not use gsoap generate code

Do not rely on any third-party libraries

Compiled object files smaller comparison with gsoap generate code

ONVIF interface compatibility ...

Priore FTP Library  v.1 1

Priore FTP Library allows you to create client application support FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
Main features:
- Standard File Transfer Passive Protocol.
- Upload and Download files, images or bytes array data.
- Create, Remove and ...

Rules Tools  v.

However, it does not provide a rule set developer interface for the analyzing, amending or creating rules. This Rules Tools add-in fills this gap by providing an extra group in the Process tab in Visio 2010 that allows users to analyze existing rules, ...

Numpy for Mac OS X  v.1.6.2

It contains among other things: * a powerful N-dimensional array object * sophisticated (broadcasting) functions * tools for integrating C/C++ and Fortran code * useful linear algebra, Fourier transform, and random number capabilities. Besides its ...

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