Formating Flashdisk


Take-Away USB Flashdisk NetScanner

The USB Flashdisk NetScanner is designed for systemadministrators and technicians who need information about the network. The NetScanner gives information about a single computer/server or a whole range of IP's. The NetScanner gives info about each computer/servers ...

Take-Away USB Flashdisk Encryption  v.

Take-Away USB Flashdisk Encryption offers self-contained Blowfish encryption for USB thumbdrives or other removable media, including Flash disks, Floppies, RW-CD and more. All you need to do is copy the software to the media, and run the wizard to encrypt ...


Custom Folder  v.1.5

Compact utility Custom Folder helps to create directories formating their names with date and time mask. Utility can be very useful as part of your batch scripts.

Command line version of the utility can run application of your choice with new ...

Engagement ring settings

Email formating software, free software,Engagement ring settings,Gold wedding bands, Mens wedding rings,Platinum wedding rings, Titanium wedding bands, wedding rings, Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings are only a small part of the ...

TaBazar  v.2 3

TaBazar features : Fullscreen-tabeditor; Fullscreen-standardnotation; Automatic bar-formating; Free stringcount and tuning; Effekts like hammering, slide, vend etc.; 10 independent tracks; Choose of instrument, volume, valance, chorus, reverb, BPM etc.

PhotoMagiXX  v.2. 1. 1949

The PhotoMagiXX Formating Software is used to place your photos and text into the correct positions to print on the various Xerox Image Solutions Paper. The PhotoMagiXX Formating Software takes you through the creation of a project - step-by-step and ...

Pocket Text Editor  v.1.0

It does not add any formating to your text files. This helps you safely edit any plain text files.
For example, text, XML, and configuration settings files.

This program requires .NET Pocket framework.

Installation can be made ...

DynaPDF  v.2.0

Supports multiple image types, unicode, 3 color spaces, text formating, fonts, PDF 1.5, form fields, and more. Works in almost any environment, well documented, extensive features, and quality support. Page and file import, Full access to contents of ...

WriteOnly  v.1.0.5

It is only interested in content and not formating or layout. WriteOnly is an text editor for fiction writers. If you wish you had a typewriter, note cards, a dictionary in place of your word processor, this might be the software for you. A simple text ...

PureText  v.2.0

PureText is a useful tool to convert clipboard text into plain text and remove all formating. Usually, if you copy/paste text or paragraphs into a word processor or other rich text aware application, it will maintain all formatting including hyperlinks ...

GuiGuts  v.1.0.23

Guiguts is a Perl/Tk text editor designed for editing and formating public domain material for inclusion at Project Gutenberg ( Features are provided for editing text files produced by Distributed Proofreaders (

DwExport  v.0.2

Export DokuWiki into static HTML pages including images and CSS formating.

XML news Reader  v.1

News Reader Features XML Based with date, small text, long text, author, category vertical mous news menu scroller vertical mc scroller for news you can add unlimeted news you can use HTML & CSS Formating ...


An offline publishing solution that gives newspaper and magazine publishers, integrated and flexible tools to manage, edit and control articles format, story metadata, headings, sub-heading, associated forms, classification plan(taxonomy), keywords nomenclatures.

Barcode Maker  v.7.90

The ISBN barcode have a build in database for easy formating. Barcode label printing is available and can have an additional image added to the barcode label, choose one of the 330+ predefined labels or define your own. Use the barcode list to add products ...

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