Folder Disk


File Navigator  v.

File/Folder/Disk shell context menu.
File Navigator Features:
1. Explorer-like context menu
2. Multilanguage (English and Russian)
3. Working with file descriptions
4. Internal file viewer and editor support the following code pages: ...

Large Folder Searcher  v.1.1

A powerful software with a simple interface will help in a few clicks to find the folder, which occupy most of all places. The program will scan your selected drive or folder and visualize graphically the size of folders. Double-clicking on the biggest ...


Best Encryption Expert  v.12.01

DoGoodSoft Best Encryption Expert is a professional and powerful file and folder encryption package. It protects files and folder with super fast and strong encryption.

You can choose from three encryption methods when encrypt a folder. Full ...

SilentVault [Personal Edition]

Encrypts files, folders, and data automatically through plug in play driver before saving on the disk. Uses AES 256 bit encryption. Stores password secured key on disk or USB Token or Smart Card. Easy to install.

Alligator Data Guard

You can encrypt all your data (file, folder, disk). It is also possible to combine folders and disks into one crypto-file. The encryption process is faster than other encryption software. File Finder  v.6.00

Let's be honest: Does any Windows user always save his or her files to a place where he or she will really find it again immediately? Some documents are located on a DVD, some music was saved to a desktop folder and pictures sent by a friend were written ...

BackupFly  v.

BackupFly key features:
- Backing up data to a secondary hard drive - the application is ideally suited for the synchronization and data backup to a secondary hard disk. Pointing as a backup drive a second hard drive or folder, you get ...

Active FolderReader PRO  v.4.1

Application displays folder, disk or FTP server contents as a set of analytical reports or detailed ordered lists in HTML or PDF formats.Active FolderReader PRO generates three types of reports:
1. Summary reports that contain analytical information ...

Yeahbit SystemKeep Pro  v.2.1.5

Yeahbit Systemkeep Pro is a strong software that can accomplish all PC maintenance job perfectly by one click, such as, registry cleaning and repair, Spyware killing, repair ,privacy protection, disk cleaning, speeding up and optimize system. Besides, ...

Argentum Backup  v.3.0

Argentum™ Backup is a handy, small backup program that lets you easily back up your documents and folders. It safely protects you from accidental deletes, overwrites, and viruses. Backups are stored in Zip files and can be created both manually and ...

FontFinder  v.5.99 Build 17

99 features include
* Updated to work with TrueType and OpenType font files
* Color Reports - select your ink colors for your reports
* Dupe Detector Tool finds all of your duplicate font files!
* New 3D Shaded look for previewing your fonts
* Real time Sentence Preview! Type in a sentence and watch it appear in every installed font on your system as you type!
* Registry Doctor checks and repairs your Font Registry
* Icons in FontExplorer immediately display installation status for each TrueType file
* Multi-Select fonts for reports and uninstalling from the main screen
* Improved handling of Adobe type 1 fonts
* New tools to instantly view Registry Font Entries and Font Substitutions
* All new professional reports are "Font-Tastic"!!!
* Dynamic Report Engine lets you modify report page layout
* All new user interface lets you find fonts with a single click of the mouse
* Exclusive Font ExplorerTM to view installed and uninstalled fonts from disk or CD-ROM
* Install ...

Kaspersky KryptoStorage  v.

Encrypt folders and disk partitions to prevent the theft of valuable data: TE With Kaspersky KryptoStorage, you can lock your valuable data away in digital containers, protected by the powerful AES-128 strong encryption algorithm. Kaspersky KryptoStorage ...

Icon Tools CM (PPC)  v.1.6

1 enables making the Copy/Paste/Reset Icon commands more accessible by placing them in the main menu, using icons in the clipboard when making folder/disk/CD icons, and accurately positioning Icon Stamps and folder/disk/CD icons. It adds new controls ...

ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer  v.5.1

Manage disk space on huge drives and network volumes easily. Find biggest folders and files taking up your disk space. Get seven useful disk reports like Folder Sizes, File Types, Only Files and so on. Print contents of folders easily. ShowSize gives ...

Disk Size Explorer  v.1.5

Disk Size Explorer is a advanced and more powerful disk space, directory and folder size usage analysis software. It helps you to explore and analyze your hard disk space easily. Features include file and folder size, free space, drive type, compressed ...

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