Focal Length Of Lenses


ExposurePlot  v.1 14

ExposurePlot (former FocalPlot) is a new free utility that analyzes your usage of the focal length of your lenses (jpeg only), show charts for ISO, aperture and shutterspeed.

Great to determine which lens you 'really' need, or which lens did ...

Optical Lenses  v.1.2

Analyze concave optical lenses function with this tool. Optical Lenses illustrate the function of convex and concave optical lenses. Both the size and the distance of the object and the focal length may be adjusted by the user.
In optics, refraction ...


Radiation Pattern of two Aerials  v.1.0

As the length of a single linear antenna increases, a characteristic deterioration in directivity appears showing so called side lobes.
If several antennas are used in parallel, however, directivity is improved due to the increase in antenna ...

MiDAS Lens Calculator  v.1.0.8

The MiDAS Lens Calculator lets you calculate the parameters of your optics and lenses, pick your focal length, and calculate your working distance, object distance, field of view, depth of focus and more. And, since it knows your camera model, it will ...

DSLR Toolbox  v.

Providing the focal length, the aperture and the distance to the subject, with the depth of field calculator you can estimate which part of the scenery will be sharp in your photography. Or calculate the minimal aperture needed to picture a ...

CCTV Design Lens Calculator  v.1.0

It offers standard functions of Lens Calculators - calculation of the field-of-view size depending on the distance and the lens focal length as well as several new, more effective tools. The CCTV Lens Calculator will help you: Select lenses, resolutions ...

Smart Photo Statistics

The user can view statistics such as: camera model, focal length, flash used, sensitivity etc. The data can be exported either as text or in a graphics format.


Detects focal length/lens correction. Uses Exif data. All steps may be post-processed manually. Further: perspective correction, automatic exposure correction, automatic cropping, hotspot editing. Export: many image file formats, interactive QuickTimeVR ...

AWBScopeCalculations  v.1.0

This free software has been designed to be used by observers to show the following data about your Scope and CCD set-up:
- Telescope Focal length
- Telescope Dawes Limit
- Eyepiece magnification
- Eyepiece real Field of View
- ...

Panoptica  v.1.0.11

Panoptica analyses the original camera move to extract 3-axis motion of the camera between frames, focal length and zoom. It works for panning and zooming camera moves, where the camera is not being moved laterally.Use Panoptica to :
1. Create inspirational, ...

IP Camera Bandwidth&Disk Calculator  v.3.0

If you need to calculate a required network traffic and storage space or lens focal length for your video surveillance system and you get tired of ugly online calculators, than this program tool is for you.IP Camera Bandwidth & Disk Space Calculator lets ...

DensiCalc  v.3.00

00, utilises surface density readings to calculate:
1) The average fluid density over the length of the wellbore.
2) The average density of the fluid in the riser (if offshore).
3) The bottom hole pressure exerted by the entire fluid column.

Exif Reader  v.3.0

It analyzes and displays the shutter speed, flash condition, focal length, and other image information included in the Exif image format which is supported by almost all the latest digital cameras. Exif image files with an extension of JPG can be treated ...

Super SIDekick X  v.1.1

Super SIDekick is a music demo featuring eleven audio tracks with a total play length of 41:14 minutes, performed by Ramone and OpenGL visuals by awe. .: fRuitz oF doJo :. the WWW-outpost of the Fruitz of Dojo (FOD) crew. Fruitz of Dojo is a bunch of ...

HeavyMath Cam 3D Webmaster Edition

Two webcams with the same focal length is all you need. The preview window shows the anaglyph video. Upload via FTP to your website, or record to MKV, OGM, or WMV. MOV/MP4/animated GIF optional.

No adware or spyware.

30 day MONEY BACK ...

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