Flv Browser Plugin


PDF Browser Plugin  v.2.2.3

PDF Browser Plugin turns your web browser into the best PDF viewer available. With the help of PDF Browser Plugin you can view PDF documents directly in your web browser, print them, and save them to disk if you'd like to keep them. Schubert|it.

Word Browser Plugin  v.2.0.1

Word Browser Plugin displays a text only preview of Word documents within your web browser. Schubert|it.


LocalImd TV-Browser Plugin  v.b

LocalImdb is a plugin for the TV-Browser electronic program guide. It's written in pure Java. It shows ratings from The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). The data-files are available at no cost for personal and non-commercial use.

DjVu Browser Plugin  v.6. 1. 2001

The DjVu Browser Plug-in is the primary means of viewing DjVu documents. It runs inside most modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Whether you need to share documents across the hall or around the world, Document Express ...

Unity Browser Plugin  v.2.6.1f3

This plug-in embeds the Unity engine inside a browser window. The content is created using OverTheEdge's game development editor Unity. The data files are usually as small as a few megabytes for simple games (the smallest possible size is as little as ...

Garmin Communicator Plugin  v.3.0.1

The Garmin Communicator Plugin is a free Internet browser plugin that transfers data between your Garmin GPS device and your computer.

For example, with the Garmin Communicator Plugin you can add the maps you purchase at Garmin.com to your ...

XRefresh  v.1 5

XRefresh is a browser plugin which will refresh the current web page due to file changes in selected folders. This makes it possible to do live page editing using your favorite HTML/CSS editor.

XRefresh also provides the advanced feature 'Soft ...

Unreal Streaming Media Player  v.6.0

The player can be embedded into web page as a cross-browser plugin.

You can also play with variety of other players. Flash player can be used to play live streams on any OS. Silverlight, Windows Media Player and other MMS-capable players can ...

Wolfram CDF Player (M-WIN-D 8.0.1  v.8.0.1

CDF Player
Wolfram CDF Player
Drive interactive content and generate results live with the free CDF Player, featuring a browser plugin for Mathematica notebooks and Computable Document Format (.cdf) documents.

Interact with applications ...

Galileo Toolbar  v.1.0

The GALILEO Toolbar is a browser plugin for the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers from LibX that provides direct access to your library's resources. With the GALILEO Toolbar, you can link directly to key GALILEO resources, such as EBSCO databases ...

Glue  v.4.3.18

Glue is a free browser plugin that helps you automatically find books, music, and movies through your friends as you browse popular sites.
Blueorganizer Firefox Extension enables you to organize and share your favorite products including books, music, ...

Dynamic Webcam SDK  v.8.0

Optimized for web applications, Dynamic Webcam SDK is a browser plugin which enables users to acquire an image from a webcam, edit and then upload/save it to a database, web server or local disk. Also, it can capture a live video stream into a container ...

Flash Block  v.1.0

Flash Block is a menu bar app for easily toggling the flash browser plugin on and off.When you need to maximise your Mac's battery life, enable flash block to prevent flash ad banners on webpages from needlessly consuming your CPU and battery.

FLV To SWF Converter Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who want to convert one or more FLV files to SWF file format. The user can simply drag and drop the required files, or use the buttons to add files or entire folders. When the process is started, a new window ...

MeadCo Neptune Plugin  v.2.0

x and any Gecko-based browser such as Firefox and Mozilla, running on any Windows platform with Microsoft's underlying web componentry integrated. Windows 2000 / Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 4.0 core install is the minimum requirement. Neptune ...

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