Floating Toolbar Html


Effective Slideshow  v.1.003.085

See them in a professionally colorful and stylistic window with an automatic floating toolbar.
Why should they look any different than what you have in your home? Show your photos to people at their best. Organize and manage your personal photo's ...

EZ Save Flash

EZ Save Flash offers a floating Flash toolbar, similar to the IE image toolbar that offers the same functionality whenever you hover your mouse over a Flash file in IE. To speed things up, you can also use the Flash List on the floating toolbar to save ...


DzSoft Paste & Save  v.2003

Has a convenient floating toolbar. The new version features a modern interface and more flexible customization options.

TRUSTED Power Search  v.1.5.3

TRUSTED Power Search is an application in the shape of a floating toolbar that significantly improves the web search experience for users of all ages. TRUSTED Power Search reduces low-relevance and unwanted query matches, confines searches to trusted ...

Dana  v.1.15.05

Colored HTML tags
9. Clipboard history: You can select data in the list that stores data copied or cut before.
10. File Maintainer: A file open dialog that has basic file maintenance functions like Delete, Copy, Rename and so on.
11. Print ...

MetaProducts Offline Browser  v.1.1

It has a simple user interface and attaches its toolbar to the browser window. Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Opera. The application appears as a handy, floating toolbar near the upper right corner of your Web browser.

TTSReader  v.1 30

Main Features:

* Intuitive user interface design
* Automatic highlighting of currently read text
* Reading to wav
* Reading to mp3, with adjustable settings
* Pronunciation corrections
* Support for both SAPI4 and SAPI5 voices
* Floating toolbar.

SV Bookmark  v.

You can quickly add new bookmarks, using the small floating toolbar and also organize them into custom categories. SV Bookmark is browser-independent and easily works with all popular browsers and also provides advanced features such as thumbnails and ...

Thirdlane Dialer  v.2.0.1

Thirdlane Dialer can be configured as MS Outlook add-in, creating an Outlook toolbar that allows a user to easily dial phone numbers found in Outlook contacts and email.

When not used with Outlook, Thirdlane Dialer displays a small floating ...

VectorEngineer  v.2

All drawing and edit commands are accessed by a floating toolbar which includes extensive viewing, snap positioning, and dimensioning tools or use the extensive menu commands which includes part assembly and saved views as well as all the drawing setup ...

Beyond Browser  v.

3 Flick up on the floating toolbar to kick it away.
4 Switch the floating bar to your hand side in one easy tap
Ver 2.5
1 Optimized performance. Faster than ever.
2 Multi-tabs. Open a page in new tab, or even open in background.
3 ...

HTML Quick Edit Bar  v.3 6

HTML Quick Edit Bar is a freeware toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows
you to edit the current HTML page within the browser itself (change the font color, size
and face, text alignment, etc.). Once edited, HTML Quick Edit Bar ...

DRMsoft Html to EXE Packer  v.7.0

Pack html, images, swf, flv to exe, make html ebook on the fly. Pack html to exe, supports html, flash(swf, flv), frame, images(gif, jpg, png, etc.), pack all into a single exe. The encrypted ebook can prevent copying, prevent editing, prevent printing.

Trellian Toolbar  v.1 5

Trellian Toolbar is a comprehensive application that includes multiple tools and can be disabled or enabled at any time. It allows you to obtain search results from multiple search engines such as Altavista, Fast, Google, Inktomi, MSN, Teoma, among many ...

PicaJet HTML Email PlugIn  v.

The plug-in helps you to send email messages in html format. You can embed your photos into message text instead of sending them as attachments. After installing plugin HTML Email will be available through menu 'Send To' and button on the toolbar. A great ...

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