Flip The Board


Flip the Block  v.

The puzzle game which will flip you out, based on a classic puzzle game with a twist! Flip the blocks to make every board either red or blue, but as you flip a block, all its adjacent blocks will flip as well!


• 3 Different ...

Master of the Board

Absolutist proudly presents classic everlasting Game Collection - Master of the Board. All is done for your convenience and pleasure: graphics pleasing your eyes, selection of the most favorite board games, various options allowing to choose a game, appropriate ...


The Emperor's Mahjong

The objective is simple but captivating; match sets of tiles together to clear them from the board and advance through each level in a quest to be ranked Emperor!

Invest in the USA

Invest in the USA is a game which is based on MONOPOLY type board games. Players may purchase and trade properties, build houses and hotels, participate in auction and take part in the lottery. On the board you find popular states and cities. Game can ...

Catan - The Computer Game  v.

For those who love this board game by Klaus Teuber, the computer version of 'The Settlers of Catan' is here. This is the electronic incarnation of the board game published by Mayfair Games, Inc., Kosmos Verlag, and other licensees of Catan GmbH.

The Wild West

Clicking the Spin button will spin the board and if any line wins, it will flash and the winning amount will be displayed in the box just below the board. By clicking on the bet max button the maximum number of lines will be played with the selected ...

Liong - The Lost Amulets Deluxe  v.

Like in all mahjong games, the objective is to match free identical tiles in order to make them disappear from the board. The matching tiles are the ones, that have a free side (right or left) and have no tile covering them. The game includes two modes: ...

RahJongg- The Curse of Ra  v.

Rahjongg: The Curse Of Ra is a solitaire tile matching puzzle game with an Egyptian theme and exciting new options! Lift the Curse of Ra by conquering all the dynasties by matching all the hieroglyphic tiles and clearing the board.

- ...

Pick The Flowers  v.

Pick the Flowers is a puzzle game where you try to remove all the images from the board. You can remove groups of 2 or more images at a time. If you are good enough, you might get your name on the high score list! Endless Play ,Personal Tally List ,High ...

Memory for The Beatles  v.2 1

Improve your memory skills with The Beatles!
There are 20 pairs of hidden, selected randomly Beatles' album covers on the board.
Your target: to find out the identical album covers using the less possible shots and seconds.

Board Games Collection  v.1 6

The rules are based on removing certain amounts of chips from the board, depending on the rules of each game.
The player gets bonus points and thus increases game level. Higher level means more bonus points and faster appearance of new chips. Besides, ...

Jump the frog  v.

Challenge your mind with "JUMP THE FROG", a puzzle based on a board game. Solve all the amazing puzzles testing your mind. 80 puzzles with four different categories, from the most basic to expert level.

Enjoy removing all frogs from the board ...

Board Game Clock  v.

Need a timer to keep track of your opponent and your play time in the board game? This is the app you need. Not thing fancy, just do the work for you.

Match It  v.1.0

Flip over pairs of matching cards to find matches. Try to clear the board in the fastest time possible. The game has many levels with an excellent colorful graphics.

Triad Cards  v.

Triad Cards is a card game inspired by Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad game, but with new cards, rules and looks! Flip your opponent's cards with yours, and own the board.

Start with 6 cards out of 60, and complete the full deck, if you can! ...

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