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Image Recognition Web Test Plugin  v.4 30

The Plugin supports Flash applets, Java applets, Movie Player Applets, ActiveX, and all other controls.

The Image Recognition Plugin is the world's first technology that allows you to automate and test web sites using images instead of cumbersome ...

Meandr logic game

flash games, java games, shockwave games. tons of free online games, funny video clips, fun photo pics, funny jokes, ringtones and more. game frat free online games action games arcade games sports games ...


JavaFX Game- Link Up  v.1.0

This is a game of fun, especially for kids, and had been implemented in many languages and platform, such as flash and java. It is simple to play the game: look for two identical images and eliminate them. There must be a path connecting the two images ...

Patch My PC  v.

Patch My PC is a handy and reliable utility designed to check your system against the current version of Adobe Reader, Flash, Firefox, Java, and Quicktime. When started it will scan your computer for the latest version of this software if your system ...

1 Cool Password Tool  v.

Powerful template system - change the whole look of your password entry screen with just one click
Easy to use step-by-step user interface
Create password pages in Flash or Java
Add unlimited usernames and passwords for ...

TurboDemo  v.

We can compile the videos of our captures in many formats and we can publish in the net (demo, flash animation, java, exe, gif, media player, AVI Video, word document, PDF document), export to text file, import a (Linux, Unix or Mac project) and ...

PURE Player for Windows  v.1. 1. 2002

PURE Player for Windows allows you to view panoramic images directly on your desktop computer with good quality and fluidity, even at very high resolutions. This application also maintains all the standard functionality of all the PURE Player viewers.

Domino Dilemma  v.1 2

In this perplexing puzzle, a set of dominoes will be laid out before you. There are 28 unique pieces (rectangles consisting of 2 squares) with pips from 0-0, 0-1, ..., to 6-6. Easy? Unfortunately, the dominoes' outlines are not displayed, and it is your ...

Rhumb Line  v.1 1

Rhumb Line, original 2-player strategy game of observation and placement on a compass rose board. Officer yellow and Sailor blue stones are placed, one at a time, building and/or blocking point-scoring rhumb line combinations. The object is to out-navigate ...

WebSoft CourseLab  v.2 2

CourseLab is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, free e-learning authoring tool that offers programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating high-quality interactive e-learning content which can be published on the Internet, Learning Management Systems (AICC- ...

Browzar  v.

dat cleanup
* Media (Video & Audio)
* Menu functionality
* Popup management
* Secure File Deletion
* Tabbed Browsing
* Tabbing and the 'New Tab' button
* Temporary Application Data delete (Flash and Java)
* Web Cache (Temporary ...

F30 EBook Maestro PRO  v.2012

) eBooks compiled with eBook Maestro software support all character sets and can contain and open any files: HTML Pages, Graphic Files, Flash Files, Java Scripts, VB Scripts, Style Sheets, Sound Files, Video Files, etc. eBook interface is completely customizable.

Consola  v.1.1

It detects all Bluetooth-enabled devices in range and sends them data such as text, images, animated Gif+s, audio, flash, video, java,or vCards. You can administer the content you send, and avoid spamming users with repetitive media, and may also schedule ...

FreelyDraw  v.1.6

Does NOT rely on Flash/Silverlight/Java or other virtual machines but with pretty user interface and diagram. It is completely native application for different platforms.
It is fast, light weight, requires few resource.

*What is ...

OpenAMF - Java Flash Remoting  v.1.0rc12

The OpenAMF project is a free open-source alternative to Macromedia's Java Flash Remoting.It is as capable of providing application services to Flash MX as Macromedia's proprietary solution.This project began as a Java port of AMF-PHP.

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