First Editor


IntelliX Java collaborative editor  v.beta2

IntelliX Java collaborative editor is the first editor for Java that uses multimedia tools for development. Main features of IntelliX editor are java files editing and bookmarking in standalone mode or over LAN or Internet with others.

PowerShell Analyzer  v.1.0.2

PowerShell Analyzer was the first editor and non-MS host for the PowerShell Engine. As an IDE it focuses on the interactive leveraging PowerShell as a dynamic language. It's goal is simply to allow users to be as productive as possible in sculpting, running, ...


Bloom Image Editor  v.1.0

Bloom is the first editor to allow true non-destructive editing. Every filter, effect, brush stroke or vector edit you apply is stored separately, and nothing is baked in. This allows you to come back to anything you've done in the past and ...

3D Edit Silver  v.3. 2. 2002

Its the first editor in the World to use a new technology called 'On Chip Rendering' which mixes video and adds effects in true real-time. By true real-time we mean instantaneously.

First Song Editor  v.1.39

First Song Editor (with more than 500 traditional songs!) generates Midi file from melody and chord progression, takes a picture file and generates music from color data. The user inputs melody notes and chord progression, then FirstSong generates midi ...

Evrsoft First Page 2006  v.3.0

Evrsoft First Page 2006 3.0 is a free HTML web page editor.

It comes bundled with some templates, as Basic HTML Document, CSS (Cascade Style Sheets), HTML 4.01 and 4.01 Transitional and XHTML Strict, Mobile and Transitional. It also has design ...

ThermalLabel Visual Editor for .NET  v.5.0

ThermalLabel Editor Add-on is a first-class barcode label designer component for .NET Windows desktop apps (WinForms & WPF) which empowers your own apps by providing an end-user visual label editor! It features visual aids for the creation of items like ...

Infix PDF Editor

For the first time it is now possible to edit text in any PDF document using tools familiar to anyone who uses a word processor. Easily edit the text in your PDFs, reflow and re-justify text, change fonts, colours and sizes. Resize, reposition and change ...

Sib Font Editor  v.2.2

Sib Font Editor is a font-creation solution required to design quality bitmap fonts. It satisfies the needs of typographers and graphic designers as well as beginners. Its easy-to-use interface and intuitive mouse-based controls come along with a number ...

CHM Editor  v.

It was first introduced with the release of Windows 98, and is still supported and distributed through Windows XP and Vista platforms. Most often the format is used to create help files for software products. Besides, CHM format is increasingly being ...

Swifturn Free Audio Editor  v.7.7.5

The easiest way to record, edit and enhance your sounds! Swifturn Free Audio Editor is a Digital Audio Workstation that helps you record audio from any available input device, edit audio files visually and apply various audio effects. It's a free audio ...

Classic PDF Editor  v.12.0

Classic PDF Editor is our flagship product that was first launched back in 2002. The Version 1.0 of the software provided a very basic feature set for pdf editing. Since then it has gone through several features addition & refinements & now the new Version ...

SD-20 Editor  v.1.0.2

SD-20 Editor is designed to be easy to understand and use, even by those who are operating the SD-20 for the very first time. Most settings can be made graphically and intuitively.

SD-20 Editor lets you:
- Operate the SD-20
- Save/load ...

MagikFortune Editor  v.2. 1. 2001

With this editor anyone can now create, edit their own fortune archives! Comes complete with import and export facility to Excel. It's free, it's easy, it's fun :) . Be sure to install MagikFortune first!

BookDrive Editor  v.4 2

BookDrive Editor is the software for post-scan image processing. It's all you need to convert scanned images into final output of the highest quality, ready for distribution or archiving.

Scan the entire book, apply the desired effects to ...

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