Finely Tuned


SCAR - Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo  v.

It's yourself you have to challenge…
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You already have a finely tuned car to drive. It's fast enough and you're sure it can win, but do you have the vision, the heart and the focus ...

Name Extractor  v.

One of the ways it accomplishes this is by use of its finely tuned database of over 12,000 of North America's most popular names. This database can be edited with Name Extractor's built in name editor, giving you the ability to add, remove, and modify ...


DFX for RealPlayer / RealOne  v.9.301

Customizable Skins - choose from hundreds of skins Customizable Music Presets - finely-tuned settings for many styles ...

Spelling Wizard  v.

Finely tuned game engine ensures kids get a mix of both easy and hard words.

3. Well designed interface making it easy for kids to play.

4. Settings to allow parents to control how hard and how much help kids get.

5. Control ...

Rotago  v.

0 - Finely-tuned, playable AI; graphics refresh; Bugfixes

v2.1 - Performance improvements, gameplay improvements, 60 FPS, faster load time, "undo move" option, additional animations

v2.0 - UI improvements, different marble sounds for ...

Recover Files from Hard Disk Drive Plus  v.6.94

Also hard drives are finely tuned machinery and it takes specialist equipment to read the platters from a physically damaged drive. In most cases, even if your hard drive is partially corrupt, data still Can Be Recovered with the Best file recovery Software.

The Filter  v.2.2.1

The Filter is the ultimate music recommendation service: it will create great playlists from your iTunes library, according to a couple of seed tracks you select; it can make these playlists according to your mood or your activity (the commute, the gym) and can update them daily to your iPod; and not content with recommending music from your own library, it will use its finely tuned analysis of ...

Tsv2vcf  v.2

Finely-tuned to do exactly this and only this, without losing information.

Image Eye  v.9.1

- Small and very fast, highly tuned code.
- Reads all common image file formats.
- Image index feature with very fast thumbnail-icon creation.
- Rotate, mirror, zoom, pan, adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, hue, saturation, gamma, ...


It is a finely crafted hybrid of a graphical configuration interface and a fully functional and expandable eggdrop-based bot. Create bots and test them from your computer. Then upload them to your shell account with great ease for reliable long-term ...


File-O-Scope has a user-friendly interface, is easily tuned according to your wishes, and can make the search of documents much easier-even in the hidden shares and archives.
One of the advantages of File-O-Scope is the quick ability of the scanning ...

Guitar chords laboratory

Guitar tuning (several variants of the guitar tuning, several tone reproduction modes of tuned string) Guitar chords guidance (database of standard guitar chords, all possible variants of one chord chord playing) Work with song texts (text editing, chord ...

Dirk's Guitar Tuner

Detects and displays the note to be tuned automatically. Accurate display of the deviation of the tone ( 0.5 Cent). Supports Quadra Flat Tuning. Frequency of the A is configurable between 430 and 450 Hz.


Stenographer is a hybrid of a tuned audio player and a text editor that is used to type the text of seminars, interviews, lectures, etc. recorded on a dictating machine or using a microphone. The program is designed to make playing, searching for the ...

Dinosaur Valley Animated Wallpaper

They have spread on all the continents and tuned themselves to life in various conditions. The climate at those times was hot and dry and that is why vast parts of dry land resembled a desert. Only on the wet lowlands in the river valleys and along the ...

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