Find The Difference Game Installer


Find the Difference Game  v.1.00.02

In this game, children find 12 differences between two pictures. Something may be a different color, something may be missing, something may be added, something may be a different size, or something may be changed in some other way, but with good detective ...

Find the Difference Game 2: Dinosaurs  v.1.00.01

In this game, children spot the 12 differences between two pictures of dinosaurs! Something may be a different color, something may be missing, something may be added, something may be a different size, or something may be changed in some other way, but ...


Find the Difference Game - TRIAL  v.1.0

Find the Difference is a computer game, specially designed for kids that allows the players to find differences between two pictures. It presents two pictures, which seem to be identical at first glance, but there are 12 random differences. The players ...

Find The Differences Game Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to find the difference between two pictures in a game. There are three levels of difficulty. This can be a fun diversion during a break or at home with the kids. This game is free.

Find the Difference  v.1.0

This programm helps your child to learn one of the basic mathematical operation,the difference, ...

My first find the differences game: Pirates  v.1.0

Kids 4 to 9 will have fun finding the differences in 13 different scenes on "Pirates" theme. With 3 levels of difficulties for each scene, there is a challenge for everyone. Your child will develop his or her visual skills and their sense of o ...

Find the Suspect  v.1 1

Find the Suspect is an original memory game in which you will be shown different faces for a few seconds. Then, one of these faces will be covered up and you need to remember which one and select it from the ones shown below. The game is comprised of ...

Spot the Difference

In this game there will be two pictures of different smiley faces. There will be 10 slight differences between the two pictures, such as the position of the eye and the colour of the face. You need to find out all the differences as quickly as possible.

Find The Hidden Fish  v.2.2

Find the hidden objects (fish and aquatic animals) on this beautiful well detailed hand drawn game. When you find the hidden fish/animals they will come to life, mimicking the way these animals move and swim in real life. But you have to be fast to find ...

Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Game

Easy MEMO is not only a memory game, it's the memory game. Of course, you have to find pairs of identical pictures.
- you play against the time
- you can also play friends or your computer.
- you can play online and enter the Hall of Fame.

Ww2 - Find the Gold

Fascinating and dynamic FPS game with realistic 3D graphics and great 3D sound. Commander you are in a bunker, you have to kill all enemies and find the gold, good luck ...

Find The Lady Lite  v.

Welcome to Find The Lady Lite!

★ Updated To Version 1.2 - More Details Below ★

This game is the Lite(Limited) Version of the game Find The Lady Premium.
It includes the first Level of the game and a small taste of the second ...

Find a difference  v.

Find the differences between two beautiful pictures before the time runs out. 279+ levels for FREE in LIMITED time. Try it to see why users are so addicted to the game.

Recent updated added 100+ levels, and we are committed to keep adding more ...

Find The City  v.

Find The City is a fun and educational geography game, for kids of all ages!

At the start of a round, you are asked to find a city, which could be anywhere in the world. Your goal is to find the city as quickly as possible, by flicking and pinching ...

Find the Color...  v.

A Great Kids Game! Find the color challenges you to match the color displayed on the screen. When a new color is shown, such as a shade of blue, you use the camera to find an object with the same shade of blue and take a picture of it. If the color matches, ...

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