Filters For Audition


Sonnox Oxford EQ + Filters for TC  v.1 7

Additionally, separate variable slope low pass and high pass filters are provided. The EQ also features 4 different selectable EQ types that cover most of the EQ styles currently popular amongst professional users, including some legacy styles which ...

MobiSMS for Outlook  v.1.742

Synchronize Calendar events and Tasks, create Inbox filters for instant SMS alerts, send bulk SMS with our advanced import module, create 'SMS Speak' with our unique SMS dictionary and add your own Sender ID to outgoing messages. Use our SMS Control ...


Microsoft Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2007  v.July, 2012

Update junk Email filters for Outlook 2007, This update provides the Junk E-mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with a more current definition of those characteristics that define certain Email messages as junk e-mail.To determine the version ...

AmphiSoft Plug-in Filters  v.1.22

AmphiSoft Plug-in Filters includes 10 Photoshop compatible plug-in filters for special effects like 3D-like metallic looks, motion blur, Xylograph and others. A dialog provides full control over all effect settings.

Server Side Filters(SquirrelMail Plugin)  v.2.0beta1.1.4.0

This plugin provides an interface in SquirrelMail where users can create and manage their mail filters for use on systems that implement filtering solutions that run on the server at delivery time (e.g., maildrop, procmail, etc.).

Aurorix  v.2.10

Aurorix 2 is a set of 26 special effects plug-in filters for After Effects. These special effects plug-ins let you do all kinds of things and are categorized into 5 sections: Media Simulation, Lighting, Distortions, Texture Generation and Pattern Generation.

Duplicate File Finder Pro

Duplicate File Finder Pro offers you the ability to add filters for each individual path that you want to scan. You can for example set it to only find *.mp3 files in C:My music or files called in D:. The program has a set of powerful algorithms ...

LigandScout  v.3 2

LigandScout creates 3D pharmacophores from structure-based complex data, and allows sophisticated pharmacophore analysis and fine-tuning to create selective pharmacophoric screening filters for a specific target.

Microsoft Office Converter Pack  v.11.0.8335

The Office File Converter Pack provides file converters and image filters for Microsoft Office programs, from Office 97 to Office 2003. These additional converters and filters are for older or seldom used documents or image formats.

This converter ...

Alien Skin Image Doctor  v.1 1

Image DoctorTM is an all new set of powerful image-correction filters for Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro, and other image editors. Image Doctor magically removes blemishes and defects, quickly repairs over-compressed JPEGs, and seamlessly replaces ...

Composite Wizard 64 bit  v.1. 4. 2005

A classic After Effects compositing tool that hundreds of pros have come to know and love, Composite Wizard includes more than 20 filters for fixing tattered edges, poor matte extractions, improper focal depth cues, or unbalanced color schemes. Composite ...

GUD Catalogue CD  v.1.0

With a range in excess of 3000 part numbers, we are constantly striving to ensure that we have filters for every vehicle model on South Africa's roads. Boasting an extensive variety of oil, fuel, air, and pollen filters, G.U.D. filters are manufactured ...

CFDButton  v.

Have you ever had to work with Windows™ notepad, for whatever reason, and found yourself frustrated that it only has filters for Text Documents (*.txt) and All Files. And you need to look at *.log files or *.cpp files or some other extentsion, and wished ...

NotesNL  v.


- Check how your opponents played in similar situations
- Access notes via tool-tip windows
- Auto notes: Use filters for positions, actions, board texture and dozens of other filters
- Manual notes: Mark hands with ...

PMMail 2000  v.2.20.2717

features: multiple account, filters (complex and simple), various decoding formats, import filters for all popular email clients, wav file support and more. PMMail is simple to use yet extremely powerful.

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