Filter Design Excel


ScopeFIR  v.5.0

ScopeFIRâ„¢ is the premiere software tool for Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter design. It can:

- Design multi-band Complex FIR filters of the following types:Parks-McClellan , Windowed Sinc,Lth-Band, Raised Cosine, Maxflat, Cascaded Integrator-Comb, ...

ScopeIIR  v.5.0

ScopeIIR provides a comprehensive IIR filter design capability. It instantly designs high-order IIR filters based on the Butterworth, Chebyshev, or Elliptic analog prototypes. It can design lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filters, with frequency ...


National Clock Design Tool  v.1. 2. 2004

National Clock Design Tool software is used to aid part selection, loop filter design, and simulation of timing device solutions.
Enter desired output frequencies and optionally a reference frequency and the tool provides: National devices meet ...

Mr. Filter  v.0.2.1

An active filter design assistant. Electrical engineers can use it to design and simulate analog active filters.

Elsie  v.2 43

Elsie is an uncommon commercial-grade lumped-element ('L-C') electrical filter design and network analysis program, directed toward the engineer or technician involved in that line of work.

This filter design program designs and then analyzes ...

AktivFilter  v.3.0.11

Active filter design software AktivFilter 3 for the design of active filters tuned on the opamp type.

Authentic Jobs  v.

- type filter (full-time, contract, freelance, internship)
- category filter (design, development, architecture, management, etc)
- location filter
- send e-mail / share (via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Windows Live) ...

RF Toolbox OSX  v.3.6

RF Toolbox helps with the design of the following types of antennas:- Dipole- Fat Dipole- Yagi- J-Pole- Super J-Pole- Log Periodic- Cubic Quad- VerticalIt also assists with the following calculations:- Coil Design- LC Filter Design- Transmission Line ...

Filter Wiz Lite  v.1 22

Filter Wiz Lite is a free active filter designer. Filter Wiz Lite is the best choice when the filter specifications do not require the sophistication and advanced capabilities of Filter Wiz PRO. The application is significantly superior to other free ...

Filter Wiz PRO  v.

Filter Wiz PRO is an application that can visually compare all available approximations to find not only which are All-Pole, and which have (more complex) notch stages, but also quickly find those Approximations with both low Filter Order and low Maximum ...

SuperSpice  v.3 4

SuperSpice is analogue design and simulation software that has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of professional analog design engineers for both integrated circuit and board level applications, at an unparalleled level of affordability.

Essential Macleod  v.9 3

The Essential Macleod is a comprehensive software package for the design, analysis, manufacture and trouble shooting of thin film optical coatings. It runs under any 32 bit Microsoft Windows operating system and has a true multiple document interface.

Circuit Creator  v.3 20

CircuitCREATORâ„¢ CAE system is the most complete and high performance solution for electronic design using IBM and compatible personal computers. The integrated system includes Schematic Capture, Symbol Editor, Circuit Simulation, PCB Layout Editor, ...

ImpressionFX Manager  v.1.0

ImpressionFX PaintEngine is a Photoshop plugin filter that applies Impressionist style and other artistic paint effects to photos and images. Please see the PaintEngine Gallery for more examples of how ImpressionFX PaintEngine can turn your photos into ...

Sysquake LE  v.4.1

The interactive design CAD tool. Sysquake is innovative, strong and flexible program for understanding systems, solving problems, and designing products. What makes it special is its unparalleled graphical interactivity.Sysquake's purpose is to support ...

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