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My Film Kiosk  v.

Powerful, easy-to-use video library management system to store, catalogue, organise and manage yourvideos and film collection. The system is capable of storing thousands of entries including name, description, genre, cover image, trailer and user-defined ...


Seek, find and download more than 13000 movie covers ...


Fun Search Film

Fun Search Film is a simple and easy-to-use database software to store and organise your personal collection of films and DVDs. The system is capable to store thousands of films entries including among other things film name, description, category and ...

CFR Film Table Commander  v.1 24

CFR Film Table Commander is a graphical, interactive software utility which allows you to view, edit and create Polaroid Color Film Recorder Film Tables. This gives you full command over the color output of your Film Recorder. It works on Windows 7, Vista, ...

Mattress Covers  v.1.0

Screensaver based on a mattress covers theme.

RAW Film Styles  v.1.1c

RAW Film Styles 1.1 Editorial is the corporate and editorial photographer's solution, our features allow you to produce offset and web-accurate color images quickly. Plus it will be much easier to replicate a look in situations where you will be returning ...

Streaming Film  v.1.0

Film streaming , streaming , film en streaming , streaming film , serie streaming , film streaming gratuit,,, Cliquez ici, Visitez le site.

Safety Film Capacitors  v.1.9

Safety Film Capacitors:We Specialize in Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor,Ceramic disc capacitorsSafety Film Capacitors,Safety Film Capacitors,Ceramic and Film Capacitors , Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor india,mexico,spain,brazil,.We have developed ...

Plastic Film Capacitors Mexico  v.1.7

Plastic Film Capacitor :We Specialize inPlastic Film Capacitors Spain And Plastic Film Capacitors .We have developed Fan Regulator, Bulb Capacitors India,capacitors based on real needs of the Market with an aim to deliver Quality with Profits.


Polyester Film Capacitors India  v.1.6

Polyester Film Capacitors India, Israel,Polyester Film Capacitors India, Spain, India:We Specialize in Polyester Film Capacitors India,Ceramic disc capacitors India,TC Components Spain, Brazil,Ceramic and Film Capacitors ,Metallized Film Capacitor,Metallized ...

Film Tracker

Film Tracker Software will help you organize all your movies with over 19 different customizable fields. Film Tracker has a simple, easy-to-use interface that not only makes it easy to enter information, but also makes it easy to browse, sort, and print ...


With Covers no need to look for covers on the web anymore. Covers connects to the Akimania server which contains more than 800 GO of covers. No other program is quite like Covers. It is a complete, full-featured software, perfect for making your covers ...

SketchUp Film & Stage  v.5.0

The Film & Stage plugin includes an enhanced camera tool and several pre-viz components that enable rapid development of studio sets. Choose from an array of cameras, lights, dollies, cranes, grips, characters and more. Use the enhanced Camera feature ...

SketchUp 5 Film & Stage Library  v.1.0.002

Google Sketchup Film&Stage Library is one of the several available Sketchup Bonus Packs to use with Google Sketchup. With this component you access to various - but not that many - 3D models of accessories to create a filming atmosphere in you sketches.

Blaine's Film Looks Effects  v.1.0.1

The following effects can be used to give your video more of a 'film look'. There are 9 different film looks available. These effects work with Windows Movie Maker 6.0 (either under Vista or Windows 7).
- Film Look - Bleach Bypass ...

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