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Httpdwatch - apache's log file parser  v.0.1.0.beta

A parser that matches httpd access/error logs entries, recognizes spoiled accesses and split entries by date filter and good/bad accesses. Also feeds red and black lists to deny access. In/out paths and file names and spoiled URI can be configured.

File Folder Icon Library

Gives application developers access to a large variety of file and folder icons, well above what is provided by the operating system and more.


File Folder Icon Collection

Style: Vista Style

32bit PNG
24bit BMP
32bit ICO
8bit GIF

Size:16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 16x24x32
Vista Style

Total File Unit
30.084 ...

ParseRat File parser, converter & reorganizer  v.2.0f

It includes an extensive help file.

ParseRat File Parser Converter Restructurer 2.0f  v.1.0

ParseRat v2.0 Parses, converts and restructures files. Reads most files including XML, web pages and tables, page image print files and other multi-line data blocks from other processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, ...

FFPOJO - Flat File POJO Parser  v.0.1

The FFPOJO Project is a Flat-File Parser, POJO based, library for Java applications. IMPORTANT: the source code of this project was migrated to GitHub: ... Icon Extractor  v.2 75

Extract icon from exe, dll, icon file. Save icons to icon file. Save icon as bitmap file. Modify icon file.Search folder for icons.Freeware. ...

Bonus Vista Icon Library

Business icon Library
Core icon Library
Database icon Library
Document icon Library
File Folder icon Library
Folder icon Library
Multimedia icon Library
Network icon Library
World Flags icon Library
Vista ...

Bonus Vista Icon Presentation

Business icon Presentation
Core icon Presentation
Database icon Presentation
Document icon Presentation
File Folder icon Presentation
Folder icon Presentation
Multimedia icon Presentation
Network icon Presentation
World ...

Default Programs Editor  v.2.7.2675.2253

Default Programs Editor is a powerful, multi-featured file association utility for Windows.

The program features the following:

- add, edit, and remove context menu items;
- edit file type icon and description;
- change ...

GPXFlash  v.1.4.3

GPXFlash is a tiny GPX-File parser, also shows the contained GPS-Tracks on a Google Map using the Google Maps Flash-API and draws Height-Profiles of the Tracks.Requirements:
* Adobe AIR ...

MP3 Menu  v.1.0

MP3 Menu is a contextual menu plugin that displays an MP3 files encoding and ID3 tag information in the Finder's context menu (you get it when you control-click a file's icon). Furthermore MP3 Menu lets you rename an MP3 file according to its ID3 tag ...

FlatPack Java API For Flat Files  v.3.2.0

Simple Java delimited and fixed width file parser. Handles CSV, Excel CSV, Tab, Pipe delimiters, just to name a few. Maps column positions in the file to user friendly names via XML. See "FlatPack Feature List" under News for complete feature list.

PGNParser  v.2.1.0

A java PGN file parser: this parser is packaged as a jar file that you can use for a java chess project. This parser can parse and write PGN files and convert PGN files as XML files and the reverse.

RCodeLeveler  v.0.0.20070416

A Ruby file parser/interpreter/preprocessor that comments lines of code based on conditions at the time the file is required. Very handy to implement debugging logs and code that has to be commented (not just dynamically switched off).

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