Few Paragraphs


New York City  v.

Atricle length for the news feeds range from a few lines, to a few paragraphs.

BuddyBackup  v.

For example, if you add a few paragraphs to a large Word document and save, only those changes are saved.

he next step is that your files are encrypted (made secret). This is done before sending on the internet which means that no else can ...


Template Phrases  v.3.0.0

This may be a sentence, a few paragraphs, or just an entire message.
* Click on the New template button in the plug-in's panel and give a name to the new template.
* Click OK. That's it :-) Now instead of retyping the same text over and over ...

Extract Paragraphs or Sentences From Text and HTML Files Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to extract paragraphs and sentences from multiple HTML, text and text-based files. The user simply adds files or an entire folder before choosing an option to extract sentences or paragraphs. There are ...

Rip A Few My Way  v.1.1

Rip A Few My Way lets you rip selected tracks from a CD using your choice of available encoders without having to change your your iTunes Import preferences. Your original preferred encoder will remain selected after running the script. You can choose ...

Lorem Ipsum Generator  v.

Lorem Ipsum Generator help you create paragraphs with just a few clicks.
All that you have to do is enter the number of character you wnat the text to have and let this tool take care of the rest.

Infine Video to Flash Converter

Infine Video to Flash Converter can help you to convert video movies from most popular formats (including AVI, MP4, MOV, MPEG, WMV, ASF) to SWF or FLV format flash file in few mouse clicks. It allows you adjust video quality, frame rate, size and mute ...

AKS Word Count  v.1.0

Count words, lines, paragraphs, chars in files of different types, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, OpenOffice, RTF. The software can also count words in the whole folders. When all necessary files are added, the program automatically makes counting.

Alpha Key Saver

DESKTOP USERS - Do you reply to a lot of email each day? Do you regularly prepare documents with standard paragraphs? If so, you need Alpha Key Saver. Stop wasting time re-typing the same information over and over. Alpha Key Saver lets you insert text ...

Free Article Rewriter Software  v.1 1

Here are just a few things you can do with our Free Article Rewriter Software

* Free Article Rewriter Software has a built-in database of thousands of synonyms, this article rewriting software will save you ton of time and effort as well as ...

Free OCR to Word  v.5.8.6

Within few clicks, you will have a fully editable copy of your paper document in your favorite word processor. Download to experience this free image to Word conversion utility. The revolutionary OCR technology makes the OCR conversion achieving 98% ...

Splinters Of Life  v.3.0

Help the brave ninja warrior save the world from a new evil! By negligence, the king of the small world of the evil totem released cars and now they are ruining their wonderful world! Just a few seconds of contact with the totem subjects one to evil.

Labirynthos  v.3.3

A few words about this game...
This game is of the "maze" genre. The player must search for ways to
transition to the next level. For added complexity, it will be very dark but
bright colors of points with game points will keep you on ...

Safari WebDevAdditions  v.1.0b19

WebDevAdditions adds a menu to the Safari browser with few useful functions for web developers. It allows to disable (hide) images, shows table structure, block level elements (divs, paragraphs, forms), various informations about images (size, path), ...

File Maven Pro

You can jump to any subdirectory with a few keystokes or find files with the advanced search feature. File Maven Pro also includes a universal file viewer, a text editor, a file splitter, a zip file handler, and much more.

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