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EaSynth Look And Feel Designer  v.

EaSynth Look And Feel Designer is a professional IDE for Java Synth based look and feel.

With its help, you will feel much easier to develop a new look and feel. It can edit Synth based look and feel visually, preview your new look and feel ...

Napkin Look and Feel  v.

The Napkin Look & Feel is a pluggable Java look and feel that looks like it was scrawled on a napkin. You can use it to make provisional work actually look provisional, or just for fun.

Create a complete look and feel that can be used while ...


Feel Good Tracker  v.

Record and rate the activities that make you feel good with the intuitive Feel Good Tracker!

Everyone knows that doing activities you love can contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle, but the busy pace of modern times can sometimes make you ...

Feel Good Inc. Screensaver  v.1.0

This Music Video screensaver uses the music video from the song "Feel Good Inc." by The Gorillaz. Simple install and completely free. .

Java Look And Feel Selector  v.1.0

This tool allows users to centralize the default Swing Look and Feel selection for those Java applications that implement the specification. In order to use this service, programmers only have to reference a JAR library and call a static method.

Lipstik Swing Look And Feel  v.1.1

Lipstik look and feel is intended to be a Java (tm) Swing counterpart of marvellous Kde theme engine called Lipstik ...

Race Gear-Feel 3D Car Racing Fun & Drive Safe  v.1.0

--- Special promotional price offer ------ Feel your brain in high gear ----- Race Gear-Feel 3d Car Racing is a 3D car racing game that puts you in the driver's seat to learn how to drive and race a car.Thrilling, but also ed ...

Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB)  v.5 9

This auto-suggesting,
intelligent text-processor is just great for typing in the skeletal, raw form of
your text into the PC. As you type the first few letters of a long word (or of a
repeated phrase/ clause), SB tries to cleverly guess ...

How do you feel  v.

This app has been developed by a person on the autism spectrum for people on the autism spectrum. It can be used to help explain how you are feeling. The artwork was done by my little brother who also has autism. It is intended to assist children with ...

IQ Crying Phone

If you're angry on a friend and you want to let him know how you feel, you can use your mobile phone to show him a sad crying face with lots of baby tears ...

Tanks USA Firestorm  v.5.3

Are you ready to feel the tank's power and take back your country from the
evil terrorists? Then download the game,soldier, and take the fight to them!!


Classic controls, familiar to those ...

Atrise Everyfind

It can index most file formats and generate multilingual ultrafast, powerfull and compact search engine with a nice look and feel. Key features: wildcard and boolean search; intelligent size-saving multilingual indexing algorithm; precision search with ...

Paragon Disk Wiper

It erases all data so you can feel certain that all information is eliminated. Just boot the computer with it, specify erasing parameters and begin wiping. A graphical wizard interface makes the process easy.

Voice E-Mail Pilot

Your voice e-mail will let your addressee know how you feel better than the smiley face. The program supports compressing: 5 minutes of talk takes up only 300K.

SuperBot Offline Browser

Thanks to SuperBot's HTML rewriting technology, the copied websites look and feel like the online versions.

- Resume interrupted downloads
- Filter by location, file type and size, link type, depth, download count, and more
- Create ...

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