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Alien Dreams Screensaver

Features: Over 30 different screens of animation, Each screens animation patterns of movement are totaly random, Order of screens is random, Numerous fully animated graphics, Beautiful alien world background, Fully independent foreground with a mountain ...

When Icons Attack

Only one obstacle stands in there way -- you! This exciting space shooter features over 100 unique levels and rendered graphics. The game plays a bit like space invaders, with some galaga or galaxian mixed in. Many cool powerups augment your ship's icon-blasting ...


Guess It!

The game features over 35 levels, high quality QVGA and VGA graphics, 44 kHz high quality sound as well as two different modes offering you hundreds of hours of pure gameplay !

Fragile Ball

But don't forget to handle the ball carefully!

Game Features

- Over 80 levels! -

- 8 unique stage features! -
Needle, cushion, plate, hammer, flare, rain, bumper and cannon.

- Simple and easy control! -

- ...

UR-80 Editor  v.1.0

- Over forty assignable controls
- Up to 24-bit/96KHz recording
- 2x XLR/TRS combo jack with qualified microphone preamp & phantom power
- Included HQ-GM2, HyperCanvas software synthesizer
- ASIO2.0/WDM, MacOS X compatible ...

Pathstorm  v.2. 1. 2001

Pathstorm features :
- Over 130 standard levels without time limits.
- 60 timed challenge levels.
- Many kinds of playfield objects to give your mind a workout.
- Embark on a Journey through distant lands collecting trophies to bring ...

Solitaire Forever  v.1.0

Features : Over 150 games Beautiful, simple graphic interface Visual and textual rules for each game Unlimited undo/redo Full screen mode Highlight playable cards. Highlight cards of any rank. Single or double click auto-move Sticky click option. Autoplay ...

Data Anonymiser  v.1.0

- Over 30 data types: There are currently more than 30 data types to choose from for anonymizing data. This includes amounts, names, date of birth, addresses etc. Future versions will contain even more.
- Custom data types: Even if ...

Bound Around  v.1 4

Bound Around features over 160 levels full of bouncing, puzzling fun. Action and creative puzzles await you in a world full of ladybugs,explosive apples and malicious traps.This is not a simple action game - it's mind stimulation.

Best in Show Solitaire Survey  v.1.00

This incredibly addicting card game features over 40 different breeds of dogs. Each breed has their own unique abilities and stats that affect each hand.

Journey through different environments and times of day as you strive to win the National ...

Crossword Twist  v.1.081

Features over 100 levels, an intuitive and easy to use interface and no time-limit pressure.

Puzzle Master Halloween (tb)  v.5.0

This updated version features over 100 all new and beautiful new photos for you to choose from. Plus, you can create your very own jigsaws using your favorite photos! With all of the stunning photos, the ability to create your own jigsaws and a variety ...

Domino Solitaire  v.1.021

Play Domino Solitaire on your PC! Domino Solitaire features over 50 challenging and fun levels! Solve the puzzles by figuring out where each of the 28 dominoes are hidden! If you enjoy playing Sudoku, Domino Solitaire will provide you with equally mind ...

TUsvnAddIn  v.1.0

TUsvnAddIn allows developers to use some of the Tortoise SVN features over Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. Users may also use the code as reference as they please. It is a easy to manipulate program.

I Can Read the Prayers in Hebrew  v.1.0

I Can Read the Bible in Hebrew TM is a beginner reading program that features over 220 Sabbath and Daily Prayers and Blessings. View Program Menu. Easy to use, it is guaranteed to help you achieve your goals and boost your confidence in reading Hebrew ...

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