Ezpower Bookstore


Bonnie's Bookstore Deluxe  v.1 1

Bonnie's Bookstore Deluxe

Bonnie has taken over her grandfather's bookstore. She decides to write a children's book after discovering some fairy-like drawings in the attic that were drawn by her father. Take up this challenge ...

Bonnies Bookstore  v.1.0

With its friendly style and appealing gameplay, BonnieOCOs Bookstore will appeal to the budding author in everyone!


BookStore  v.

This is a simple application which can be used to keep the record of the book's avialable in the store and to maintain the list of customer's . It can also keep the track of the order's of the customer with date .

EzPower Business POS  v.13

Turn any PC into a Super Cash Register, with our versatile and cost-effective point of sale solution. Touch Screen, Scanner or Keyboard/Mouse operation. Network compatible, Process Sales and Manage Inventory. Track Sales, Commissions, Sales Staff, Cashiers, ...

InventoryPower  v.

InventoryPower is an inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SME), such as computer stores, cell phones stores, bookstore, boutique, shoe store, antique store, book store, retail stores, ...

Trademe ISBN Barcode Sleuth  v.

Ever been reading a library book and wanted to know where you could buy it from in New Zealand? Ever been in a bookstore, but had wanted to buy the hardback edition when they only had paperbacks? Now you can simply scan the book’s ISBN barcode and ISBN ...

Book Finder  v.

When was the last time you were in a bookstore and thought..."hmmm I wonder how much this book costs used on Amazon"?

Book finder will answer your questions.

Atheneum  v.1.0

Atheneum is a bookstore inventory system written in Java 5.

Sticker Book 3: Animal Town  v.1.02.56

Scenes include are a home, a school, a woodworking shop, a playground, a doctor's office, a fast food restaurant, a fire station, a police station, an airport, a health club, a hair stylist, a supermarket, a clothing store, an alterations shop, a bookstore, a candy store, ...

VBook  v.2 1

The contemporary artist is often confronted by a multitude of tasks that hamper the scope of his artistic activity. He has to deal, often alone, with his works' production, commercial procedures, accounting, etc. If vBook cannot replace the artist himself ...

Kindle eBooks Portal Script  v.1

"Master the Kindle eBooks Affiliate Program and Make a Killing Selling Books!"

Kindle eBooks Portal Script is a state of the art fully automated website platform that includes:

Kindle eBooks Portal Available Now Data Script
Kindle eBooks Portal Featured Best-Selling Books Finder
Kindle eBooks Portal Best Sellers Searcher
Kindle eBooks Portal Most Wished For & Gift Idea Books Analyzer
Kindle eBooks Portal Book Archive
Kindle eBooks Portal Bookstore & Our Picks Feeder

You ...

Cutie Pies for Kids  v.

She works weekends at her local
independent bookstore, The King's English, to feed her book habit.

LitRes  v.

With the built-in bookstore you get the access to the full LitRes catalogue of Russian books from hot new releases to all-time classics, including:
- modern prose;
- fantasy novels;
- science fiction;
- detective series;
- business ...

Digital Magazine Software for iPad  v.3.6

So why do you need an eBook reader? Firstly instead of paying time to a bookstore to make a purchase or buying a book via Internet and waiting for its arrive, any time you want, you can purchase and download an eBook anywhere conveniently.

DashBook  v.4

DashBook ships with the current maps: All Romance - OmniLit, Amazon Kindle, BookSurge, Consortium Publishing, Digital EBooks, FictionWise, ITunes, Lightning Source, Midpoint Trade Books, Mobi EBase, My Bookstore and More, Overdrive, Publisher Group West, ...

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