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Web Game Builder  v.1 1

Web Game Builder is an innovative tool for game developers to bring games or applications online. It can convert your normal exe games to cool web games. You needn't know Java or Flash, most work can be done in a few minutes by clicking mouse. Web Game ...

Small Fun Farkle

Small Fun Farkle is a fast-paced, addictive, easy to learn dice game (for 1 to 8 human and/or customizable computer players) similar to the popular dice games 'Ten Thousand' and 'Press Your Luck.' ...


ZScreenPack  v.

exe: Record screen activities to video (movie) clips. Capture and save screen images (pictures) to bitmap, jpg, png file types. Create Movie clips from Image Albums. Convert or join video files between various video files types include Window media video, ...

WinMatrix XP

WinMatrix XP replaces your desktop wallpaper with the cool Matrix code animation. Download this utility to transform your desktop into a cool visual effect. It is highly customizable and does not bog down your computer's system resources.

Command Raid  v.

Command Raid is an adaptation of the old classic for 8 bits consoles, now on PC.
You must protect your bases against parachute attacks. Sometimes an airplane appears carrying a super bomb. Do not allow the bomb to fall on your bases! Your most damaged ...

Crazy Nut  v.1.0

Each coconut is dreaming of Heaven! He is clambering to the clouds with all his might and even the cheeky parrots are child ...

Littlepeter Squares  v.1.0

Destroy blocks by forming squares with the blocks. You move the blocks so that four blocks of the same kind form the four corners of a square. These blocks will be eliminated and new blocks will be formed. The bigger the squares formed, the more points ...

Littlepeter Matches  v.1.0

Add, remove or move a fixed number of matches to form a specified number of sqaures.You can set the dimensions of the play area and the type of actions involved.

You can play the unregistered version for an unlimited time, but the unregistered ...

Littlepeter Puzzle  v.1 5

Move the tiles to recover the original picture. You can change the picture to your own ones. You can also change the dimensions of the puzzle and the location of the empty space.

There is an option to display the tile numbers and a utiltiy ...

MySecret  v.3.1.1

exe is small - 50 kB - and quick. It uses the Blowfish algorithm to create base64-encoded text output that can be easily transmitted over the Internet or stored on any computer system. For more information on Blowfish see the web site of its inventor, ...

Bitmap Combine  v.1.0

Combine images with just a few clicks. Bitmap Combine is an utility to combine several images sequence into one single file. For example: Before combined there are 3 image files of walking robot animation. With this bitmap combine, those 3 files are combined ...

Bitmap Masking  v.1.0

Adjust your images with this tool. Bitmap Masking is an utility to set certain color of an image to be transparent. Although GTGE support transparency creation in runtime, it is best to do it outside to gain full performance during runtime. For example: ...

Small Games Collection  v.

A collection of simple, small and funny games. Most of them are java. Graphic is not the best u ever seen and they don't have system integration stuffs like a setup. Try them and rate in the forum!


This file contains downloadable games! Our site has new games daily! Check out this program and check updated from our site! Please contact us if you are having any problems.

PureHidden Games  v.

Open 66 small boxes of cream, each filled with amazing worlds and entertaining puzzles to solve. Discover 1,001 hidden objects, play 36 surprise-filled mini-games, and unlock gorgeous original artwork to wallpaper your desktop!


Help ...

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