Esl Present Continuous


English Tenses Quizzes  v.1 5

Shall we use the past simple or the past perfect tense when talking about an action that occurred before another? Or when we say that we are doing something, is it present perfect or present continuous?

English Tenses Quizzes is a program ...

Phonics To Spelling  v.

Do your pupils need help with spelling? Are you looking for proven Phonic Spelling Resources? LCP's Phonics to Spelling is a simple and fun interactive resource for teachers.
Designed for children who perhaps didn't 'get' phonics in KS1 and are ...


Practice English Grammar 2  v.

Practice English Grammar helps you learn English grammar with the principle “Practice makes perfect”. Learning English in very simple way.

Practice English Grammar contains many pages of grammar lessons explaining the grammar topics of the ...

Test Your Tenses  v.

Present tense
Present continuous
Present perfect
Present perfect continuous
✓ Past tense
✓ Past continuous
✓ Past perfect
✓ Past perfect continuous
✓ Future tense
✓ Future continuous
✓ ...

ESL Activities

ESL Games and ESL Activities are one of the most effective teaching tools for the English as a Second Language Classroom. ESL Students become so involved in playing bingo they forget they are learning English. Students absorb new vocabulary and concepts ...

Cba - continuous beam analysis  v.0.3.6

Continuous beam analysis made easy with this piece of software. cba is a is a small engineering tool that calculates member forces and support reactions of a continuous beam. The graphical output can be done via gnuplot or spreadsheet application.usage ...

Random Walk 1D Continuous Model  v.1.0

Random Walk 1D Continuous Model simulates a 1-D random walk with a variable step size. You can change the number of walkers and probability of going right and left. You can modify this simulation if you have Ejs installed by right-clicking within the ...

Present it now!  v.0.3 Alpha

Present it now! is a software to share the desktop with others. Since SharedView does not work with IE9 and Netmeeting is not working on Vista/Windows 7 there is a need for a software to be able to share the desktop with others on the LAN.Usage:

Present/Future Value Calculator  v.1.0

Present/Future Value Calculator can help you calculate the future value of your deposit based on the annual rate of interest.Please Note: this software is a Java Web Start Application, you need to right-click on the download file and choose "Launch".

Continuous shoot  v.

Continuous shoot application.
You choose resolution and number of sheets, and a photograph will be taken, if the tap of the screen is carried out or a camera button is pushed.
Continuous shooting speed becomes slow if you choose high resolution.

Spanish Present Tense  v.

Get a head start in Spanish class this year with our free Spanish Present Tense grammar app!

Quickly reference uses, rules and verbs in the present tense with ease. We'll give you regular verbs, irregular verbs and stem changing verbs. It comes ...

A Present for Icon designer  v.1.0

A Present for Icon designer is a set of 4 replacement icons. Icon Composer, icns Browser, Pixie and new icns format file. Kenichi Design - Mac OS X + iPhone Custom Icon Design. Custom icon design services for Mac OS X.

ESL Podcast  v.1.0.1

ESLPodcast Widget display's the RSS feed of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast, with the possibility to subscribe to the podcast and listen directly from widget the podcast. Portfolio. Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management ...

Continuous Automated Build Environment  v.1.0

Continuous Automated Build and Integration Environment. Cabie is a multi-platform, multi-cm client/server based application providing both command line and web-based access to real time build monitoring, execution and deployment information.

Present Theme  v.1.0

The present theme goes back to the roots: a very stylish design with many customization options. But no complicated features, no effects, no gimmicks. Just a clean and simple theme to use. Because there is no included javascript framework, its compatibility ...

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