Erd Arrows


Jumping Arrows

Press the arrow keys according to the arrows shown to make the hunter jump to his destination.

Pharaoh`s Arrows

Pharaoh's Arrows is an exciting game based on many old and forgotten games. Each and every in the family will enjoy Pharaoh's Arrows game. It is for those who want to puzzle brains with finding solutions to fascinating logical problems with arrows. Pharaoh's ...


ERD Concepts  v.5.6.0

ERD Concepts is a database design and query tool for all major databases. Making a complete and visual attractive Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) becomes a breeze, even for the less experienced users.
ERD Concepts generates complete database scripts, ...

Cupid's Arrows  v.

Your Cupid and you have to hit as many hearts as you can in a minute with your arrows in this easy to play and fun game.

Includes Global Highscore tables ...

Crazy Arrows - free  v.

Welcome to the world of Crazy Arrows!

First game out is Crazy Arrows - in the sky.

Try to get all arrows from the the start to the blue dots by pressing the moving arrows when they become yellow.

Keep pressing until all arrows ...

Pyrphoros - ERD to Database Design Tool  v.alpha.0.0.1

(Pre-Alpha) Cross-Platform ERD to Database Design Tool built in Java. Currently Supports PostgreSQL. Not Feature-Complete.


Swap the two colours. This short puzzle game is also known as Lucas' problem.

ERD Exerciser  v.3. 5. 2006

The tool contains a number of questions each containing a scenario from which the user is asked to draw an equivalent ERD.

Having drawn the ERD, the student can ask the tool to mark (grade) their diagram. The tool will compare the user's diagram ...

Astral Arrows  v.1.1

There is a field - 6x6 cells. Each field can be empty or contain a colored brick with arrow on it. Arrow direction depends on the bricks color (or vice-versa). You can manipulate these bricks: click on the brick to move it accordingly to it's arrow direction.

XML Banner Rotator with Control Arrows  v.1

Hight quality component, using XML file to load data's and configuration. Support any kind of pictures and unlimited number of pictures. Dinamic loading resurces giveing the best loading time. Very well documented and very simple to configure.

Treasure Quest

In the most basic setting, there are arrows on the ground and you need to press the arrow keys according to the arrows, the faster you move, the more treasures you get. There are other stages where there are more tricky arrows, for example you may need ...

Icons-Land Vista Style Elements Icon Set

This Icon Set contains widely used images like Warning, Error, Information, Plus, Minus, Arrows, etc. These icons in combination with other imgaes are used to create new icons. For example User icon combined with symbol Plus means New User, User icon ...

ORM Designer  v.

ORM Designer is a visual ERD database tool with full support of ORM frameworks based on XML, YAML or other structured language. Manually written kilobytes of text definitions is replaced with easy-to-use graphical interface. ORM Designer was created by ...

DataArchitect  v.6 1

DataArchitect is a powerful tool that provides ERD capability like PowerDesigner as well as the ability to graphically reverse engineer, create and modify a database through ODBC and perform advanced SQL functions. For a single price you get all the supported ...

Easton Shaft Selector 2011  v.1.0

It helps you choose your arrows, bows, calculate distances and types of hunting. It can be used for bows that suits a certain age. Easton Shaft Selector is a software in need for all bow owners who want to hunt properly ...

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