Enhanced Display Control


Enhanced PictureBox ActiveX control  v.2.0

An enhanced PictureBox control can display a graphic from a bitmap, icon, or metafile, as well as enhanced metafile, JPEG, and animated or static Gif files.

Additionally it provides information about the loaded file.

It can stretch ...


FlexLabel is an enhanced label control...way enhanced! You have complete control over everything including font, alignment, mouse-over effect, and angle of text, plus the best functionality is that it will automatically create a hyperlink based off of ...


PAC Mate Viewer  v.1 3

PMViewer is free software, used in conjunction with Microsoft's Remote Display Control program, that allows teachers, parents, and other sighted people to see the PAC Mate user interface on a computer monitor. With PMViewer, you can use a mouse, computer ...

PASWin  v.3 2

-Backup-function selectable for automatically saving of measuring data after measurement end
-Detailed presentation of each PSD at data logger window
-Transient presentation of PSD progress in data logger window
-Enhanced display of dev ...

SubPixel Display  v.1.0.0

SubPixel Display lets developers see the color information (red, green, blue) of subpixels used to display a pixel's color. There is a Control Panel where options are chosen and two display windows. One display window shows the area around the mouse with ...

Display Overlord  v.3.0.1

Display Overlord adds methods and classes to gather video device capabilities and capture displays, providing full screen environments suitable for games, multimedia presentations, or kiosk applications. While captured, Display Overlord locks out other ...

Display Eater  v.1.85

Display Eater will record motion video on your screen which you can then convert to a quicktime movie. Useful for recording video game footage, making training apps, recording streaming video and some other tasks. Features:- Can record and render at your ...

Cascade DataHub  v.

Cascade DataHub we are now adding the following new and enhanced features:

New and enhanced features

- New - DataHub QuickTrend - view live, real-time trends for selected data.
- Enhanced - Scripting - program custom solutions ...

PerfectLum Suite  v.3.8

PerfectLum Suite display calibration and QA software is a handy tool, allowing to calibrate a monitor to DICOM, CIE L*, and Gamma, and perform QA tests to international standards. PerfectLum Suite uses test patterns to provide visual representation of ...

ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX  v.3.0

Enhanced data control with built-in application logic. Specify business logic, data relationships and constraints, and even UI features as a set of rules at design time with no code.The most robust grid available for enterprise wide database front-end ...

Hotkey Assistant  v.1 65

It provides you with additional means to control applications, windows, and other system components. For example, you can assign keyboard shortcuts forquick access to any application, file or folder, sound management, ejecting and closing the CD-ROM ...

Tao ExDOS  v.2009 9.0.209

The performance of DOS applications is outstandingly enhanced, allowing the user to work simultaneously with any number of DOS or Windows applications without delays or system lags. This outstandingly reduces system stress in multi-user environments such ...

TuneConnect  v.1.1

TuneConnect is an open source AppleScript Studio application that allows you to control iTunes from a remote computer over your local network.TuneConnect harnesses the power of Remote Apple Events and AppleScript, two technologies built right in to Mac ...

Extron Electronics - GUI Configurator  v.

In many cases, all the input sources, display control, and environmental settings are already in place. Each template is fully developed and includes complete, detailed documentation of its application and capabilities.



MeaMod Playme  v.

Main features:
- ID3 tag support with album art
- Windows Live Messenger I'm listening to
- Lyrics fetch support
- VideoChoice music video lookup
- Application addons
- Application Options
- Enhanced Audio Control

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