English System History


Free Internet/System History Cleaning Studio

Free Internet/System History Cleaning Studio was customized for you to clean system and erase the IE cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, auto complete history, and Window's temporary folder, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, ...

Free Internet/System History Washer

Free Internet/System History Washer scans and removes traces of your Internet and computing activity as well as delete a variety of junk files that litter your hard drive. It also wipes those files from your hard disk without the possibility to recover ...


Max PC Privacy  v.

Max PC Privacy is a comprehensive solution to boost your system performance and clear all your, online and offline activities. It is exclusively designed to clear all the Internet history, system history & cache, registry data. Max PC Privacy provide ...

Disk Data Wiping Tool

Secure data wiper permanently erases temporary internet files, typed URLs, system history, cache, cookies and activity traces of application and system files. Disk data wiping tool removes all private records securely. USB hard drive cleaner software ...

Milliliter Converter  v.1

Conversions between the Metric and English system can be confusing, let Milliliter Converter help you.

Celsiusfahrenheitandkelvin  v.

Most people are familiar with Celsius and Fahrenheit, being the Metric and English system temperature scales, but Kelvin is not so well known. It is in use throughout the world, of course, but mainly for engineering and scientific purposes, particular ...

Test hard drive performance on Mac  v.

Inappropriate hard drive maintenance effects on applications fail to load, encounter system errors, data losses, OS crashes and etc. With the help of this tool you can fix all above mentioned hard disk failure issues on Mac OS. To avoid all such circumstances ...

KittyXplorer  v.1 1

# Fully customizable system history cleaner, to wipe Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Mozilla / Firefox history data. Custom clean units can be defined and exported / imported to share. # Keeps no history of the user actions.

Length Converter  v.1.14.2001

You can input in the first black box any value expresed in milimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers (in the decimal system) or inches, feet, yards and miles (in the English system). To specify which units are you using, you must click on ...

Delphi Form Converter  v.1.0

converts #186#186#215#214 to corresponding chinese character for correctly display in unicode supported english system.

Use "Open File" button to open your .dfm files, select which file(s) you wish to be converted, then click "Convert" button ...

Chinese Master  v.4 41

3500 common words' pronunciations,spelling,English translations and related phrases;
3. 305 Chinese characters written in animation;
4. The reading,spelling and English translations of 150 dialog 54 lessons and 1000 ways of daily communciation;

Password Safe for Android  v.1.1

Available in english. System requirements Android v.2.2 or later. SD memory is required for backups and exports. Layout is optimized for mobile phones.

Royal Children of English History  v.

A nice starter history book for children with illustrations, includes stories on Arthur, Alfred and others.

This is a full-length, quality digitized book.

Royal Children of English History, by E. Nesbit, is packaged with an easy to use ...

FtG - History of Rome  v.0.1

History of Rome is a mod for For the Glory starting in 322 BC. It's a successor project of two Eu2 mods that decided combine their powers - polish Historia Antiqua and english Roma Universalis. Mod will run on Ptolemy World Map and will use at the beginning ...

System Uptime Monitor  v.1.0

System Uptime Monitor is a software for monitoring Windows uptime statistics, tracking Programs run and watching Windows User login history. You can use it to analyse Windows uptime and downtime statistics. You can also track what Programs are run, time ...

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