Encrypt Web Pro Shareware


Encrypt Web Pro

Encrypt and protect html source code and web page. It encrypts your email addresses, script code, links, text, graphics or all html source code to make them unreadable but work normally in web browsers. Thus others can't extract your email addresses, ...

Encrypt HTML Pro  v.3.0

Encrypt HTML Pro is software for encrypting (and so protecting) HTML web pages in a very simple and guided manner. It works with JavaScript capable browser (most), and it doesn't require additional software or plugin.

There's no limit in page ...


Guard Web Pro  v.1.0

Guard Web Pro is a site monitoring and alerting tool. Using Guard Web Pro you can realize many different site-monitoring tasks in an automated way. With Guard Web you can automate the following tasks:
1-Detect and alert an inaccessible HTTP link.

Crisol Mind Web Pro  v.2010

CrisolMind Web Pro 2010 is the professional Exam Software for creating exams, tests, quizzes, asessments written or interactive. Designed to allow you to create your exams in seconds, Crisol Mind Web Pro 2010 is very simple, intuitive and easy to use.

3D Pool Pro Shareware  v.2 5

This is the shareware demo version of the game. It includes a five day limit on internet play, one segment of each career, and 10 free plays against the computer.

Main features:

- Free upgrades to any additions to 3D Pool Pro in ...

Web Password Wizard  v.2 6

Web Password Wizard is an application to password-protect web pages, and whole websites. With this application you can thoroughly encrypt web pages using strong encryption algorithms, so that no one can get in, unless he knows the correct password. Each ...

Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect

Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect allows you to encrypt HTML pages with strong encryption algorithms and protect them with a password. The program will prevent anyone from viewing the source code or stealing your art work. Encrypted pages will ...

Click to Encrypt HTML Trial  v.8.0

With this program you can protect your HTML web pages and prevent others from viewing and reusing your webpage source code. The program has the ability to provide you with a quick way to encrypt your HTML pages into an unreadable format for all browsers ...

NavRoad HTML Viewer  v.6 50

Lets users view HTML and web image files anytime, anywhere. Supports all HTML 2 tags, and most HTML 3 tags. Supports frames, image maps, tables, bookmarks and directory buttons. May exportHTML file as plain text (without tags). Customizable interface, ...

CamPaper  v.3 Build 97

Select a Web camera from our list and it will automatically update your wallpaper with captured image. Great worldwide views are painted onto your desktop.
This is a unique product that males your desktop a window on the world.Limitations:
* ...

Poing!  v.1.1

TDM GAMES - Free Online Games - Shareware and Freeware Games for Mac. TDM GAMES developing free online games (web games) and shareware/freeware games for Mac.

GPhotoShow Free  v.1.7.0

You can download Media Player freely from the Microsoft web site: www. microsoft. com/windows/mediaplayer/download. gPhotoShow Features:
1. Runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (x86 and x64)

CardMaster  v.6.3.4

It's a very complete address list with many strong functions and still very EASY TO USE! Has a autodial, security, inquiry, sort options, Email and web support, many print-options, print preview, Currency-calculator, calendar... You can do mailmerge ...

RGS-CardMaster  v.6.3.5

RGS-CardMaster provides almost any tools and functions we need, such as: Add a photo to a card, autodial, security, inquiry, sort options, e-mail and web support, many print-options, print preview, Currency-calculator, calendar, etc. In addition we can ...

GoodBox  v.0.1

This software is useful to illustrate your web site, your blog or any document. You can change many parameter in order to obtain excatly the image you want. You can easily rotate the box or change its size only with the mouse. GoodBox can also be used ...

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