Eliza Dushku

Halloween Spirit Board  v.2 1

This was inspired by the classic program Eliza with a dash of Halloween thrown in for good measure.

Lots of fun writing the responses to possible questions.

Also included a simple text file system that anyone can edit and totally ...

Dear Song In My Head  v.

From contests to covers, and Eliza Doolittle to Childish Gambino, we'll post it all.

Wild Thornberrys 3D Chopper Chase  v.32.0

You can play as one of your favorite characters (Eliza, Debbie, Donnie, Nigel and Marianne) from the cartoon 'Wild Thorberrys' in a full 3D world. To rescue the animals you just need to stay close to them for a few seconds.

The game offers ...

Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower  v.1.0.1

This breathtaking adventure game will require much more than a sharp eye for Hidden Objects as you use help Eliza to save her village from its frozen state!

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