Electronic Circuits Ppt


Circuit Shop  v.3.00

Circuit Shop - Design, simulate and learn about digital and analog electronic circuits.

Circuit Shop is an easy to use graphical CAD tool to allow simple digital and analog electronic circuits to be constructed and analyzed. It includes:

* ...

TINA  v.9.0

TINA Design Suite is a powerful yet affordable circuit simulation and PCB design software package for analyzing, designing, and real time testing of analog, digital, VHDL, MCU, and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts. You can also analyze ...


Linkz  v.9.0.115

The main objective of Linkz is to connect all the open ends of the pipes, electronic circuits, roads or whatever tiles you may be using together so they form continuos shapes. And all this takes place in the form as a race against time.

A simple ...

FidoCadJ  v.06212012 Beta

Create your electronic circuits with the help of this tool. FidoCadJ is a multiplatform drawing software dedicated to electronics. Schematics and PCB can be easily traced and represented by a very compact text format, easy to embed in a newsgroup post.

Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only)  v.3.19

Circuit Construction Kit (DC Only) create electronic circuits. An electronics kit in your computer! Build circuits with resistors, light bulbs, batteries, and switches. Take measurements with the realistic ammeter and voltmeter. View the circuit as a ...

Resistor Calc  v.

If you work with electronic circuits, this is a handy tool that will allow you to be better organized and less prone to errors.
1.1: Handles other numbers of bands, including temperature coefficient, 2 different interface options, 3 different tolerance ...

Analog Insydes Add-Ons  v.154b

Analog Insydes is a Mathematica toolbox for symbolic analysis of analog electronic circuits. This project provides a set of free add-ons to Analog Insydes, including a Java front-end and a native netlister for Cadence's Analog Design Environment (ADE).

Mesh Electronic Circuit Analysis

Symbolic analysis, is where the resistance and voltage in an electronic circuit is defined in terms of variables, i.e. R1, R2, V1, rather than concrete values, i.e. 100 Ohm, 3 Volts. This allows the current at any branch of the circuit to be ascertained ...

AKNM Circuit Magic  v.

Circuit Magic is an electrical circuits simulation program specifically designed for students teaching basics electronics, electrical laws & circuit theory. Unlike many electronic circuit analyzers, Circuit Magic can analyze circuits like a man. Circuits ...

300 Radio Electronics schemes  v.1.0

A collection of electronics circuits. More than 300 schemes conveniently sorted into categories , easy to navigate . The collection will be of interest and use to radio amateurs and those who are interested in radio electronics .
This volume presents ...

ExpressSCH  v.7.0.2

) that you can use to draw your electronic circuits.Step 2: Position the Components
Drag each component to the desired location on the page. The Snap to grid feature makes it easy to neatly align the symbols. If all of the components do not fit on ...

Meanders Annotator for Microsoft  v.1. 6. 2002

- Make difficult illustrations easy, such as musical symbols, engineering diagrams like molecular formula or structural formula in chemistry, complex mathematical notations or equations, electrical and electronic circuits and so on.


Pad2Pad  v.1.9.49 Build 4119

Pad2Pad provides you with a complete PCB solution to quickly move your electronic circuits to the market.
Pad2Pad is a PCB designer program which will help you in the manufacturing work of printed circuit boards.Pad2Pad Features:
1. Produce boards ...

Pad2Pad 1.9.77 B4235  v.4235

Pad2Pad provides you with a complete PCB solution to quickly move your electronic circuits to the market. Pad2Pad is a PCB designer software which will help you in the manufacturing work of printed circuit boards. FEATURES: TE Produce boards for existing ...

TinnitusTamerX  v.3.0.6

The striking similarities between the Tinnitus sounds and the sounds produced by positive feedback in electronic circuits suggest that Tinnitus is caused by positive feedback between neurons in the sound-processing portion of the brain.All learning takes ...

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