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Door Control  v.3.8

When using the computer on a daily basis, we often have to open and close the DVD drive door. However, this can be a bit of a hassle if the computer case is be under the table or if we have a laptop with the awkward side DVD drive door.
The Door ...


We forget that computers were invented to help us do our work and not to make us their slaves. Try xStarter! Automate each and every process in your computer. Nothing is impossible with this utility...made by professionals and for professionals. Automate ...


XStarter Web Pilot

xStarter is an advanced automation tool that allows system administrators to automate their repetitive tasks. The program uses its built-in scheduler to automate backups, file archiving, FTP synchronizing, starting specific applications, controlling their ...

Accessor Pro  v.2.0

Main features of the program:
- Review of the File System (FDD, HDD, CD drives and Network drives) from icon on the system tray;
- Creation of the list of the most frequently used and favorite folders and use it with help of "Quick Folders" button which is added to:
- All standard Open/Save dialog windows;
- Open/Save dialog windows in all versions of Microsoft Office;
- Access to the Control Panel and it?s elements (add/remove programs, properties of the screen, modem, Internet and system);
- Termination of any running programs from popup menu in one click (Kill User Process);
- Process Administration (termination/addition of the processes) allows to look through the available windows in system with the description of the process itself (id windows, file path, process icon, window styles);
- CD-ROM Administration (Eject/Close CD from the ...

Absurd Terminator  v.2 9

Some additional functions: - Run default screensaver by hot keys or by /screensaver command line string; - Map/disconnect network disk (only Win'95/98/ME); - Eject/Close you CD-ROM with hot keys /
How you can shutdown/restart/log off Windows.

MouseStar  v.3.56

features include AUTO/MOVE SCROLL,POPDESK,LOCK COMPUTER,EJECT/CLOSE CD-ROM...,and its excellent SCROLL feature will make your work easier and more productive.MouseStar Features:
1. Very easy to use and comfortable scroll function, even better than ...

CD Eject Tool  v.2 9

CD Eject Tool is a utility that manages your CD Drive doors. It allows you eject and close the CD Drive door by using a hotkey, desktop shortcut, or via an icon in your system tray.CD Eject Tool is a very convenient too and it is free to download and ...

HotKey CD-Eject  v.2 3

With this compact and robust tool you can eject and close your CD-ROM with a double click or a hot key combination. It features working with multiple CD-ROMs, running on startup, indicating cd state and more.

CD Eject  v.1.0.0

Eject your disc tray from your keyboard. This program ejects CD/DVDROM. After starting the program press Ctrl + J to eject CD/DVDROM. Pressing Ctrl + J again will close the CD/DVDROM.Features:
1. Ejects CD/DVD ROM
2. Closes CD/DVD ROM
3. Uses ...

Automatically Close Software Windows Close Programs and Close Popups

Using this software: Specify full or partial window titles to close Using this software, you would simply enter the title of the window that would popup (which works for windows applications as well ...

Close Approach  v.2 3

Despite past misconceptions about VB's performance as a gaming language, Close Approach proves that it is possible to produce an enjoyable, fast paced action game in VB and Direct3D. Pilot your ship in 3D space and blast the asteroids out of existence ...

Audubon Close Up - Birds and Flowers

26 beautiful close ups of 15 of Audubon's most beautiful plates from "Birds of America". These plates illustrate the floral habitats that surrounds the equisite Warblers, Humming Birds, Cuckoo, Buntings, Turtle Doves and Jays. Dogwoods, Magnolias, Water ...

Automatically Close Popup Windows By Name Software

Close windows in Windows by their name before they appear. For example, if you enter "Calcu", the Microsoft Calculator will be automatically closed when it is run.

Automatically Close Popup Windows By  v.7.0

This is a small utility that is able to automatically close popup windows by name. The application will close windows if they contain the letters you specify. For example, if you add the word 'Calcu' and then open the Microsoft Calculator, it will be ...

Smart Eject  v.1 26

Smart Eject is an essential Windows utility which automatically ejects CD's and other removable media before your PC shuts down. You will never again forget and leave a CD in a drive. Smart Eject can be set to eject all removable media automatically on ...

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