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It also offers 11 different editing effects, which can be applied in any conversion process, and even in the batch mode. A simple user interface makes UltraConverter a right decision both for corporate and home PC users. An extra advantage of UltraConverter ...

ZeboPhoto X  v.2.0.1

A digital photo viewer featuring various image editing effects and unique multiple image slide shows. This affordable image viewer provides quick easy access to photos with its browser. Users keep image files organized in the manner that best suits them, ...


Nero Movie ThemePack 2  v.10.2.10200.1

Each contains complementary menu templates that add effects, transitions, text, background music and more! Easy to install.

GMT DVD Maker  v.5.4.8

All these editing effects can be previewed before burning.
Key Features:
1.Don’t worry about time files; you can keep the most beautiful times such as Christmas, Birthday, wedding, and put them on DVDs to treasure up. GMT DVD Creator is a ...

Leawo Blu-ray Creator for Mac  v.7.1.8

Rich video editing effects and 3D effect are also permitted to set.

The overall operation of the program is easy and user friendly. With concise and clear software interface, users can operate this video to DVD/BD burning on Mac OS smoothly.

PorcFX  v.0.2 Beta

About PorcFXThe easiest and most affordable way to add professional quality effects to your movies. Just click and drag to position, rotate, and scale effects over your video! Composite muzzle flashes, electricity, explosions and more. Create effects ...

ACDSee 17  v.17.1.68

Radial Gradient Tool Apply a radial gradient to any editing effects to subtly progress across your photo. Create off-center vignette effects or multiple vignetted areas, or draw focus to a specific object. Home base for your databases Create as many ...

Storyboard Tools  v.1.7.4F

A "visualiser" program lets you view images in sequence, and play around with a number of editing effects including fades and dissolves.

Nero Creative Packs  v.10.6.10000.11

Nero Creative Packs will jumpstart any project and help create cinematic finishes for your photo slideshows and home videos. It contains: Menu TemplatePack 1, Menu TemplatePack 2, Menu TemplatePack 3, Kwik Themes 1, Kwik Themes 2, ClipartPack, Sample ...

Opus Pro  v.9.02

Includes web font manager, auto-scoring questions, shape tween animation, preset effects, drawing tools, on-screen text editing, effects, blends, textures, layers, path animation.

Over 1000 customisable effects, transitions and animations.

QFX-LE  v.9 1

QFX takes a unique approach to image creation by integrating the features of both a paint and a draw program into one application. Strictly paint programs like Photoshop® let you paint and retouch, but cannot work with layouts of objects, text and images ...

Grabbit  v.2 5

They include, text manipulation, paint tools, editing effects, a help file that answers all conceivable questions, and Grabbit gives the user the amazing ability to open pictures up into the program.

Storyboard Tools 1.7_releas  v.1.0

A "visualiser" program lets you view images in sequence, and play around with a number of editing effects including fades and dissolves.

Speed Processor  v.1.0

100Sps 16Bits Stereo WAV signal format
- Manually Pitch and Speed adjustment
- Play files in loop for continuous processing
- Digitally scales for accurate process inspection
- High-accurate low resolution manual adjusting
- Internet downloads updates ability
- Stereo vocal signal graph

User Benefits
- Ability to provide special voice speed processing effects
- high-accurate ...

PicaJet 2.6 build  v.637

This product offers fewer editing effects but much greater flexibility and efficiency in organizing. PicaJet has a Quick Start Wizard to sort your existing photos and the interface is arranged well, making navigation simple. PicaJet has Free Fotki and ...

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