Echo Soft Net



NET component useful in any circumstances you need to
validate/check email address input by the user.
DF_MailStuff is also:
isEmailValid: use this method for validating email address checking syntax (even
bad words) and/or validating ...


Net DLL that contains a very rich Italian
archive very useful to accounting software: abi, cab,
couriers, phone prefixes...Are you a software developer or
webmaster and you'd like to put into your software
information about towns, ...



Net che consente di interfacciare i
tuoi programmi con i
registratori di cassa piu' diffusi! Usando questo controllo, lo sviluppatore puo' dimenticarsi
dei protocolli di ogni
registratore di cassa, di tutti i dettagli tecnici e soprattutto ...


All you need for connecting to database via NET with a lot of
useful functions ...

MeyshanWall  v.1 1

Meyshan Wall is a wall paper changer, using Micro soft .Net framework.
Meyshan wall would fetch public and private photos from Picasa, Flicker, Riya, and 23 Hq and from your local directory to display as wallpaper as per your settings.
It's ...

Passwords Manager

Passwords Manager is a professional software that will help you systematize secret
information stored on your PC.
You will forget about all your headaches which were caused by loss of passwords, access
codes and other
sensitive information.

Non toccare il mio computer!

Check out this screen saver "Don't touch my computer!" which keep people far from your


Fattura! e' un programma dal facile utilizzo, per la gestione delle fatture. Si presenta con
un'interfaccia grafica
semplice ed intuitiva ma allo stesso tempo professionale, consentendo di eseguire le tipiche
operazioni di gestione
anagrafica ...

Codice Fiscale

Questa utility e' stata creata per consentire il calcolo del codice fiscale e per ricavare i dati
essenziali partendo da
un codice fiscale; e' possibile inoltre fotografare il codice fiscale, stamparlo, copiarlo negli
appunti ed altre utili ...


AutoCenter is a software for managing all your vehicles: personal or company's; it's a
complex scheduler that allows
you to check status of your vehicles, making statistics, reports. Also you may:
handle infinite number of vehicles at same ...


Archiver is an easy to use program with explorer-like interface which allows you to catalog the drives: floppy disks,
hard drives (including network ones), optical disks, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks and other media.

ALCA Gestione del tuo negozio

ALCA e' un programma per la gestione del magazzino orientato verso aziende medio-
piccole che necessitano in
tempo reale e soprattutto facilmente di una gestione del proprio magazzino. Concepito per
risolvere facili problemi di
esperienza ...


Deltree alternative ...

Split-IT  v.1.0

Great utility for splitting file into multiple smaller piece. This feature is very useful to overcome limits on the size of e-mail attachments and as an alternative to disk spanning. You may use Split-IT with any file type (.exe, .zip, .jpg, .gif etc) ...

Echo Wave II  v.2 2

'Echo Wave II' require Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 installation (for Windows XP only). Error analysis for determination of accuracy of an ultrasound navigation system for head and neck surgery. Navigation-Supported and Sonographically-Controlled ...

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