Easy Txt Report Pivot


Report Rendering Engine  v.0.9.1

Generates any PDF/TXT report without any headaches with a new geneartion report rendering engine. Merging two XML files (report layout XML, data XML) by this tool to give you any reports you want.

Ariel Love Clean London  v.

If an area near you needs cleaning up, it’s quick and easy to report it using this app.

Here’s how:

1) Take a photo of the problem-area.

2) Check the location is right (It will be detected for you automatically).


Easy File Editor

Easy File Editor Powerful text operations engine to process large number of files routinely. Automatically edits any number of files chosen by a user-supplied list, searches the plain text or regular expressions, maintains the data stack of what was found ...

Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications  v.

Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications (CUCM, CUPS, CUC) automatically produces comprehensive documentation (Word, HTML, CHM format) in minutes.Report Tool for Cisco Unified Communications generates instant documentation for:
1. Cisco Unified ...

Graphing Calc  v.

Graphing Calc is an excellent, easy to use graphing calculator application. It contains several features not found on any other calculators on the market.

Standard Features:
*graph multiple cartesian, parametric, and polar equations in portrait ...

Adelix reporting and data analysis  v.1.0

ADELIX is very easy to use and understand, highly user friendly and makes intensive usage of drag and drop functionalities. You can load data into ADELIX database via a user friendly WEB user interface. ADELIX accepts several data formats such as SPSS, ...

ILore ProjectTrack  v.2007.6

Main features:
-All Company details
- Associated Documents
- People/Contacts/Resources
- Projects
- Departments
- Initiatives
- Locations
- People Skills
- Programs
- Assets
- Schedule
- All Project Details
- Associated Documents
- Assigned People/Resources to projects
- Action Items
- Milestones
- Project Journal
- Issue management and resolution
- Change Management
- Risk Management
- Mitigation Plan and Steps for Risk
- Meetings
- Agenda and Decision tracking for Meetings
- Teams
- Assigned Assets to projects
- Decisions
- Schedule
- Print Preview
- Detail Reports
- Grid Reports
- Report Customization
- ...

LPA-View  v.5 3

- Easy test report creation
- Trend Analysis
- Automatic result upload
-Maintains a database of analysis results.
-Operates with all MP Filtri particle analyzers ...

Cash Counter  v.9.0

Easy & Fast Report.

Hard Disk Sentinel DOS Edition  v.1.00.5

PM = Primary masterWhen the detection is completed, it is possible to save an XML report or a TXT report about the disks (similar to the report created by the Windows version, but it is smaller and contains limited information only). When the software ...

TimeCard Gold Edition  v.4.1.6

*Easy speedy report with monthly recaps on the entered expenses and cards *Send all data in HTML or CSV format to an e-mail address *Secure data clean up only afther data are sent. *Export in HTML/CSV format in local file system *Support for English, ...

Multiicon Cash Counter  v.8.1

Easy & Fast Report.

Easy Incident Manager Report Viewer  v.1.0

It it an easy to use and intuitive accident and incident database. Incident Records are easily located via a familiar and intuitive interface. For each incident you can record injuries, as well as action items that have arisen as a result of the incident ...

Speedy Report  v.1.0

Speedy Report has the solution. With Speedy Report allows you to create reports in minutes and publish them to the users via the Speedy Report Client. Speedy Report is a programmable tool that makes it very easy formating columns and set conditions.

Easy Text To HTML Converter

Easy Text To HTML Converter provides fast and easy conversion of Text Files (in *.txt, *.rtf formats) and Text Blocks pasted from Clipboard to HTML.
The conversion is being performed in three different modes , placed on separate tabs of the main window: ...

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