Easy Music Upload


Easy Music CD Burner  v.1.0

Easy Music CD Burner is an easy way to burn a music compact disk or erase it. This program has an attractive and very intuitive interface which will guide you on the process of CD burning. Easy Music CD Burner will allow you to burn MP3, OGG, WMA and ...

Easy Music Composer Free  v.9.67e

Easy Music Composer Free is a software that makes music easily. You can compose a song automatically. You can compose a song by inputting notes. You can use many handy functions prepared for composition.What do you imagine about "automatic composer"
Probably, ...


Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer  v.

Nintendo DS Easy Music Transfer' recommends MP3/128kbps.

Touch Music  v.

Music player for athletes, motorists, and all who are in motion. Easy music management with gestures. No need to look at the screen.

Managing player with guestures
Managing player with buttons ...

SnapSO Web Browser  v.1.0.1

SnapSO Web Browser is a handy and easy to use internet browser that enables you to surf the web, download files, watch movies and videos, listen to music, upload files and a lot of things that other browsers can basically do. SnapSO Web Browser has a ...

Absolute HTML Compressor  v.1 14

It optimizes the files by reducing its size so now it's easy to upload files and open them quickly. It doesn't change the display of the file in the browser so it can be very useful for web programmers. It doesn't corrupt the script and removes only ...

ATAF-Picture-eShop  v.2004.0.2

ATAF-picture-eShop is 100% web-based online shop where you can sell your pictures in a familiar XP design ATAF-picture-eShopy is a easy to install, where you can easy can upload and sell pictures on the web.
Also you can send your pictures as electronic ...

Busy Docs  v.1.1.168

It makes it easy to upload files, folders, and sub-folders to Google Docs and edit documents offline when you are on the go.
With the help of Busy Docs youll also be able to search and organize files on your computer and network, apply labels, browse ...

Easy Mid Convertor  v.

Easy Mid Converter is a powerful utility to convert music mid/midi format
to Aiff,Wav,Au,Flac,Mp2 with Bass,Flute,Guitar and Piano timbre.
The very user-firenldy and easy-to-use interface lets you easily convert mid files.
Key Features:

Music Sorter

Sort music easily with Music Sorter. Music Sorter will sort and organize all your music collection automatically. Key features: Sort all your music (including mp3 music of all types); Full automatic music sorting (just download music sorter and install); ...

Easy MD5 Calculator  v.1.00.1

easy md5 calculator can calculate md5 hash of given file and text.free for use!

P2P Music Jukebox  v.1.0.0

P2P Music Jukebox offers a wide variety of features combined in one comprehensive system, enabling you to:
* Create CD compilations
* Fit hundreds of songs onto a single disk
* Rip songs from audio CDs
* Access thousands of music files ...

Easy iWeb Publisher  v.3.0.3

Easy iWeb Publisher is a free application for Mac users without .mac subscriptions that makes it easy to upload sites created with iWeb to any web host by just dragging and dropping. MacUpdate: Download Apple Mac Software & iPhone Software. MacUpdate ...

Oxygen SimpleUp

Oxygen SimpleUp is a handy utility to upload pictures, photos, melodies, ringing tones, music, games and more from a PC to your mobile device. The program allows you to upload content by using a context menu of Windows Explorer or with a simple drag-n-drop ...

MasterTracks Pro  v.6. 8. 2004

Play back up to 64 tracks of music with independent track looping. The program's wealth of powerful features, combined with its easy-to-use interface, have set the standard for MIDI recording with professional musicians, amateurs, and multimedia producers ...

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