Easy Login Script


Simple Login Script with MVC in PHP5  v.1.0.1

Simple Login Script with MVC in PHP - PHP script for simple login. It allows to create a simple yet secured login/registration with php5. This simple login system that enables registered users to login to our site.

Easy Login  v.2.0

Easy Login is a no fuss password manager that works great with Microsoft Internet Explorer. It doesn't store your password in a file or the registry, but it saves login information as favorite that can be used on any other computer, or can be emailed.


Easy Login Screen Changer  v.

Modify the login screen for your system. With Easy Login Screen Changer all you need to do is browse your computer to find the desired image and with a simple click it can become the picture you will see every time the system initializes.

Easy Login Assist  v.7.6

Easy Login Assist is an outstanding auto-login and privacy-manage software. It can help you to fill in login form automatically, protect and manage your privacy data safely. It is your good assistant on data security.Easy Login Assist Features:
* ...

Easy Login for Internet Explorer  v.2.0

One touch Login to any HTML site. Save time on typing usernames and passwords. Saves login information as a favorite, which you can place anywhere on your computer and even email to someone else, or add to a website. Once created the EasyLogin bookmark ...

ExecAction  v.2.96

ExecAction is a login script to suit your needs. ExecAction was designed to meet the need of a simple login script, whether in the user environment or machine. The directive files are XML.To create a directive file just simply open a text editor and use ...

Mobil Intra  v.

It is an easy login tool that accesses your schools MobilIntra.

You can have multiple schools, both as Elev, Personale or For├ŽldreIntra

Some schools might be missing, but let us know and we will add them as soon as possible.

Update: ...

KeyLemon  v.2 5

KeyLemon Login automatically logs you into the right Windows account. You don't have to type your password anymore, because the program detects your face to unlock your Windows session.

UserPie  v.1.0

Both newbies and pros can quickly build a user/membership-based web site using our user authentication scripts (login form, account registration, password recovery, etc.). We've also included helpful comments within our PHP files to introduce you to best ...


KeyEcho is a small utility that monitors keyboard events, application starts and login parameters. KeyEcho was developed to monitor separate machines as well as LAN machines without installation on them...
The Main features of KeyEcho are:
* collects ...

EZ Save  v.3 1

- Step 3: Add a line in your login script(s) to run the Sample program, Activation program, or both. The Sample program results are logged to the server directory for easy access. The programs do not become resident on the client systems. You also ...

WinAppLIVE Corporate Edition  v.1.04

This software may be used in small environments or in larger organizations based on a quick and easy implementation
WinAppLive makes audit, analysis, statistic and control of use of program and the printersThe monitoring task of computer use and ...

Map Network Drives WScript Generator  v.

Map Network Drives WScript Generator is a little software that makes WScipt (windows script) that maps network drives on a windows computer. In Active Directory you can set this as a login script so that all your clients have the mapped network drive(s) ...

SpaceCheck  v.1 3

SpaceCheck is a command line tool, designed to be executed from the login script or similar.
As a result, there is no icon or shortcut to execute the program.

Telnet Server  v.6.4

Client printing: Allows telnet user to print locally
Alternate command shell support such as 4NT from JP Soft and Unix Shells like Korn Shell
Automatic support for screen sizes other than 25*80
Logon scripting: Allows user to automatically run a specific application/script upon connection ...

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