Earth Texture Mapping


UVMapper  v.0.2.5a

UVMapper for OS-X opens wavefront obj 3D models, and provides numerous texture mapping options which can be applied to the whole model or individually to selected areas. Selected factets in the model can be assigned to new or existing groups, usemtls ...

3D Win File Format Converter  v.

3DWin converts entire scene files, including solids, meshes with vertex normals, (u,v) texture coordinates, texture mapping parameters, image maps, lights and cameras. Just load the translated model into your favorite 3D program and press the render button.


Okino OpenFlight Installer  v.4.0

flt binary files, complete with all geometry, hierarchy information, material, lights, 'flip book' animation and texture mapping attributes. A file exported to OpenFlight should appear almost exactly as whence the file originated (little or no tweaking ...

Texture Anarchy  v.1.1.2

Texture Anarchy is a pack that incorporates 3 filters: Texture Anarchy Explorer, Edge Anarchy and Tiler Anarchy. Texture Anarchy Explorer is the main filter in the pack, as it helps you create seamless textures. Tiler Anarchy is very similar to Texture ...

Sketch2Photo  v.1.0

These models, which typically consist of a few hundred phototextured polygons, are well-suited for use in online gaming and web-based applications such as Google Earth.

PhotoSketch offers an intuitive three-step workflow: camera ...

SentiSculpt SDK  v.

A texture is recreated from the captured object surface and applied to the generated model, so the final model has realistic look. SentiSculpt allows to save the generated object model in widely used file formats so the model can be used by most 3D graphics ...


Features include texture mapping of BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG, TGA images or play AVI movies as textures mapped to any 3D surface.

Conoa  v.1.0

All shapes are rendered with an advanced renderer featuring texture mapping, shadowing, and transparency. All Conoa EasyShapes plugins integrate with After Effects' lights and camera, in addition to their own lights and camera.

Play Basic (Demo)  v.1 6

Ranging from Mapping (Creating worlds), Sprites, Image effects, Cameras, Vector Shapes, Polygons (Texture Mapping) through to a full set of traditional 2D vector art (Dots / lines / Circles, Boxes etc). The Sprite capabilities are an important feature ...

Seamless3d  v.2.171

Main features:

- Infinite Undo/Redo
- Outputs clean efficient files
- Specialised tree view interface
- Fast efficient program
- Exports to VRML, X3D Obj and POV-Ray formats
- Imports VRML and X3D VRML Classic formats
- Imports & Exports HAnim
- Imports Canal/Blaxxun Avatar Studio avatars
- Imports & Exports BVH motion capture files
- Support for FFmpeg which allows for the creation of AVI, MPG, MP4 and FLV movie formats
- Single skinned mesh animation
- Morphing
- Partitioned & seamless texture mapping
- JPG ...

DeskArtes 3Data Expert  v.

3Data Expert® is a professional tool for repair, conversion and manipulation of 3D CAD data for 3D printing, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing as well as for simulation. DeskArtes 3Data Expert is used by major desing, manufacturing, automotive, ...

PyNcView  v.0.9

PyNcView is a cross-platform NetCDF viewer written in Python. It provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to the creation of animations and publication-quality figures.This is a binary distribution of pyncview/multiplot for Windows. Simply run ...

FXDistortString  v.5.0

The image-based gold texture is mapped onto the characters in two versions of conventional texture mapping.

The procedural wood texture is created and mapped by a vertex and fragment shader. The vertex shader also calculates the ...

WireFusion 3D  v.2.0

Perspective correct texture mapping.
Anti-aliasing, bilinear.
256 levels of transparency.
32-bit z-buffer.
Support for dynamic normals.
True 6 DOF (degrees of freedom).
Programmable time driven animations.
Possibility ...

ProteinShader  v.0.9.4

The custom texture mapping and lighting calculations for rendering these images are implemented using vertex and fragment shaders written in the OpenGL Shading Language, which is supported on most new graphics cards for ordinary desktop and laptop computers.

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