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WW2D  v.1.0

WW2D allows you to explore Earth using satellite imagery, topographic maps and image from other data sources also providing large placenames and boundaries database and allowing you to install community-made add-ons for even more info about our planet.

OCENS MetMapper  v.2.0

OCENS MetMapper transforms weather maps, satellite images, and ocean charts, into dynamic components of your at-sea decision-making tool box. MetMapper offers to all non-GRIB data what our GRIB Explorer software does for the GRIB data. That is, it will ...


Satelite Earth  v.1

View high resolution and beautihigh quality satelite images of earth from space.This screensavers contains full color images that fit automatically on your screen.View satellite images of earth from several kilometers from above the sky.Fly above the ...

SeeYou  v.4 13

After the flight, it allows you to download flights from GPS devices, see your flight on maps, explore its details through Statistics and relive it in 3D view.
It combines powerful features with intuitive interface. Comprehensive statistics, free ...

Bible Mapper Application  v.4.0

The Bible Mapper Application lets you create customized maps of the Holy Land that you can use for educational, research and other purposes. It has a colorful, simple-to-use interface with many options. You can zoom in and out to a specific spot and ...

ActiveWatch  v.

It is an application that can assist the user in cross-country and international correspondence. In today's fast paced business world, e-mails have become a major element in the communications' process. With ActiveWATCH attached to the e-mails, you can ...

Blue Planet Glowing Aura Flash  v.1

No actionscript requiredBlue, planet, glowing, aura, animation, looping, earth, space, satellite view, stars ...

Travel Icon Set  v.3.71

The Travel Icon Set contains a great number of icons, Earth maps, globes,Internet and on-line contacts, purchased and rental cars, insurance services, hotels, cash registers, photo and video cameras, credit cards, and more...

All ...

Genesis IV  v.

You're up and running immediately comparing 2D and 3D maps and students can be looking at historical maps, satellite photography and learning about grid references within minutes.

GenesisIV's multimedia hotspots are ideal for project - get ...

MetaEditor  v.

Features interoperability with Google Earth/Maps and supports KML, KMZ file formats. Also features lossless photo editing without re-compression and allows you to export & import metadata to/from XML file.

Weather Screen  v.

Not enough?
Weather Screen will also provide you with different kinds of maps: satellite, highs and lows, etc.
And, in case you are still not satisfied, you will be able to take a look in real time through one of the hundreds of ...

RouteConverter  v.

RouteConverter is a free tool to display, edit, enrich and convert routes, tracks and waypoints.

Main features:

- reads and writes CompeGPS Data (.trk) files
- reads FAI/IGC Flight Recorder Data (.igc) files
- reads and ...

WeatherBug  v.

Key Features:
• Put weather on your home screen and recieve immediate weather alerts using push technology
• Extended 7-day, detailed and hourly* forecasts
• Nine (9) weather map layers for Bing maps: Satellite/Radar, Radar ...

Track Commander  v.

Create your own tracks by adding split markers to the satellite map, view lap times, split times, satellite overlayed geolocation data, keep setup notes such as tire pressures and suspension setups, and maintain different vehicles. Works with ...

Solscape  v.1.2.1

Solscape also monitors current Solar flare activity, Earth view satellite images, Solar geomagnetic activity, and Aurora activity. Solscape gets all of its information via the Internet and compiles it in a single, easy to use application. You can save ...

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