Dynamic Graph With Slider


Dynamic Form with auto response system and html format  v.1

Dynamic Form with auto response system and HTML format. Provides you the flexibility to give your clients a clean and nice contact form. It is easy to set up and customize. You can change your image signature, HTML format and everything is well documented.

TZO Dynamic DNS with PhotoSharing  v.3. 2. 2001

TZO uses true dynamic DNS client/server technology to fix a static domain name to a dynamic IP address. This allows Internet users with Cable, DSL and dialup Internet connections to host their own photo server,website, FTP server, mail server, game servers, ...


Dynamic Accordion with Skins  v.1

Dynamic Accordion was designed and developed to be an advanced and fully customizable accordion component. It offers a very large and useful number of features:* All of the settings and content are controlled from an external XML data file.* It offers ...

Easy MP3 Player with Slider and Volume  v.1

Create tutorials or animations in Flash, and let the user to have complete control of the sound (volume, time, slider, pause, unpause, stop, replay). If you want to use this player, you won't have to do nothing. You won't need flash, no XML, nothing.

Task graph generator  v.1.0

Create task graph with this application. TaskGraphGenerator can be used to develop task graphs that are needed for research works in areas of task scheduling.Task graphs are generated based on 4 algorithms.A network graph is also generated to view processors' ...

SPL Mo-Verb  v.1 2

SPL's Differential Envelope Technology has revolutionized dynamic processing with a level-independent method. This radically different approach allows to forego the setting of a threshold. Other parameters are set automatically and in a musical manner ...

MDynamics  v.6.01

MDynamics advanced mastering dynamics processor plug-in is an advanced dynamic processor with clear sound designed for mastering, however due to its high performance and zero latency it is suitable for any purpose.Starting with two compressor/expander ...

Solar System 3D Screensaver

Every planet is there along with its satellites and even a small info graph with basic facts. All the proportions and trajectories are right. It's not only the sheer beauty but also the educational content that make Solar System 3D Screensaver an absolute ...

Chat Zone

Incorporating all Flashcoms applications in one highly dynamic platform with desktop style interface, it brings all-sufficient solution to your website and delivers truly unmatched real-time communication and entertainment experience for site members.

RayFire Tool  v.1 51

Create dynamic simulations with THOUSANDS of objects. Objects Glueing. Supports Wind, PBombs, Gravity, and Drag space warps as additional influence forces. Ability to trigger simulation using mouse cursor by pulling or tipping over objects.
Fast ...

Microangelo GIFted  v.1.0

Your web pages or Active Desktop can sport a dynamic look with animations produced using Microangelo GIFted, an animated GIF studio and the latest addition to the Microangelo family from Impact Software.

DecoChek  v.2.11

It features a dynamic graph - simply pull to any depth or time combinations. It has complex profiles like cave systems or multi-level wrecks can be drawn on screen accurately for precise deco obligations.
DecoChek Features:
1. Dynamic Graph ...

Function Visualizer Model  v.1.0

Create a function's graph with this tool. Visualizer Model displays the graph of a function f(x) with arbitrary parameters. The function can contain polynomial, trigonometric, and exponential expressions as well a parameters. Parameters are connected ...

TNCES Workbench  v.0.32

Graph dynamics analysis made easy. The TNCES Workbench enables you to calculate and analyse the reachability and dynamic graph, to draw trajectories and to translate IEC 61499 FBs into discrete timed Net Condtion/Event Systems.TNCES Workbench Features:

Eldyn  v.

Dynamic Domain Updater. Eldyn allow systems without a static IP address to update dynamic domains with their dynamic IP.Eldyn Features:
1. Multiple dynamic domains.
2. Automatic IP detection.
3. Automatic update when IP address changes.Supported ...

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