Dvdfab On Ubuntu


HTTPRipper  v.

Main features:

-Download movies from video sites

-Download music of you favorite bands website

-Free Software (GPL 3)

-Generic (works with almost every website)

-Brought back icons on ubuntu

-Added ...

Freebloo  v.0.1

It is as easy as it is to install a Linux distribution, in fact it is based on Ubuntu, due to that it is secure, robust and powerful. Once the registration is completed and your organization created you will be able to download the DVD ISO that you will ...


Oboe Sync  v.2.0

MP3tunes Sync is all you need to sync your digital music collection to your MP3tunes Locker where it will be stored online for everywhere access.
Add music and video to your Locker or sync down to your computers. Sync everything or by playlist, by ...

RouteConverter  v.

txt) files
- uses the WebKit browser first on Linux and if that fails XULRunner to make RouteConverter run on Ubuntu 10.x systems again ...

MarVoSym  v.3 10

In 2007 the font has been completely redesigned with Fontforge on Ubuntu Linux 7.10. The character encoding was modified to fit the need of MS-Windows users who cannot access symbol fonts correctly if the code area 128-159 is not remapped to certain ...

QeFeM  v.0.7 Beta

OSX and Win and Ubuntu release
5. Multiselection
6. .zip files are recognized by dubbleclicking and unziped to the other panels current folderQt based filemanager with two panels. The file actions are running in a separate thread, the spinning ...

EGSL (Easy Game Scripting with Lua)  v.1.5.3

04), Linux 32bit (compiled on Ubuntu 10.10) and Windows 32bit (compiled on Vista Home Premium). For the Windows version all DLLs are provided in an extra download. As shown in the image below EGSL is intended for "old school" games.It's completely easy ...

Libcondset  v.0.1.1

This library has been tested for the formats portability and has been tested on Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 10.04, and Mac OSX 10.7. It should work on most, if not all UNIX/POSIX based operating systems that can run GCC.If you want to add anything to the code, ...

DVDFab Add-on  v.2015

Are you encountering the dilemma that your Blu-rays cannot be copied or converted due to some certain reasons? Then you'll definitely need the help from DVDFab Add-on 2015, the free and professional solution to fix this dilemma.

What Does DVDFab ...

DVDFab File Mover  v.

DVDFab File Mover is a handy and easy to use tool for you to remove converted files on the computer to devices such as iPod, PSP and ZUNE. More devices will be supported in the future. When DVD/Blu-ray/File to iPod, DVD/File to PSP, and DVD/File to ZUNE ...

DVDFab File to Mobile  v.

DVDFab File to Mobile converts source video file on your PC to next generation consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, or mobile devices like iPod, PSP, ZUNE, cell phone, etc.

Features Highlight:
1. Read most popular video formats from Internet, ...

DVDFab Blu-ray to Mobile  v.

DVDFab Blu-ray to Mobile can convert Blu-ray title to MKV/MP4/AVI/WMV files playable on next generation consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, HD player like WD TV Live, or mobile devices like iPod/iPhone/iPad, etc. Its multiple settings and options let you ...

DVDFab DVD to Mobile  v.

DVDFab DVD to Mobile is the most powerful and flexible DVD to Mobile Converter which can convert DVD to almost all the popular video/audio formats playable on any mobile devices.

Features Highlight:
1. More than 10 DVD to Mobile modes available: ...

DVDFab CinaviaRemoval HD for Mac  v.

DVDFab CinaviaRemoval HD for Mac is the first lossless Cinavia Removal solution available on Mac for users to remove Cinavia audio watermarks from a Blu-ray disc.

1. Produce Lossless PCM Audio Track.
In Blu-ray Copy option, ...

File Recovery on Linux  v.2.1

How to recover deleted file from Linux partition? Recover Data for Linux on Linux data recovery software offer satisfactory LVM recovery software and vast file recovery on Linux tool which recover deleted Linux file & folder from Linux hard drive having ...

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