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Exsate DV Capture Live  v.

Exsate DV Capture Live is the most fast and easy to use program for DV capture and encoding to DivX AVI WMV in real time. The program displays the DV date time stamp, allows to capture a given timecode interval, detects scenes, captures to multiple files, ...

SuperVideoCap  v.6.9

Capture Video/VCR/TV Program from DV, DC, TV Tuner Card, Webcam, Capture Card to AVI (uncompressed)/(compressed using any available codec include DIVX, XVID), MPEG1, MPEG2 or Streaming file format (WMV file).

2. Record screen activity, mouse ...


Exsate VideoExpress  v.

Exsate Video Express is an all-in-one automatic DV capture, DV editing and DV recompression wizard that is used to convert different DV captions into DVD movies with a greatly inspired and desired look so interesting and exciting to watch.
Exsate ...

Video Capture Factory  v.

Free Video Capture Factory is an outstanding universal video tool designed to accommodate your capturing needs. You can capture video or image from other devices, DV and TV Tuner easily and browse or edit recorded media files, then the captured file can ...

SuperDVD Video Editor

* Capture Film form WebCam ,DV Camera ,TV Card Into Divx or Avi file format on fly. * Edit AVI or Divx or other format file with the frames control. * Copy Any Part of the film and save it . * Divide/Merge Audio or Vedio Stream into new file * Change ...

DVMP Pro  v.5 2

DVMP Pro is a specialised AVCHD, HDV & DV media player, a set of professional tools, and a DV Capture module. Plays video files captured from an AVCHD, HDV or DV camcorder and displays the date and time stamp that was stored in the hidden metadata area ...

Power Screen Capture  v.

With Power Screen Capture, you can capture screen from your desktop with high quality. Besides, it offers you the function of capturing video and image from other devices, DV and TV tuner. A list displays all the files captured by Power Screen Capture, ...

Open Video Capture  v.1.0

Es kann Bildschirm vom webcam gefangennehmen, TV Tuner karte, digitaler Bildschirm, digitale Kamera und andere Sicherungsvorrichtungen. Es kann videokompressionscodec und Audiokompressionscodec, Ausgangsrahmengr+A+ce und Rahmenrate einstellen. Es auch ...

Live Video Capture  v.1.2.3

Live Video Capture is a easy video recorder software which capture live video from various video devices and save it to your computer. It also has the ability to capture and record video directly from TV tuners, USB Attached Cam, webcams, and DV cameras.

Fox Video Capture/Convert/Burn Studio  v.

Fox Video Capture/Convert/Burn Studio do more with your digital media. Video Capture, Convert, split and Burn are all supported by this powerful tool. Easily create standard or high-definition video, audio or DVDs, with studio-quality personalized menus.

OneClick Video Capture  v.

OneClick Video Capture can do instant video and image snapping;
capture video from other devices in real time;OneClick Video Capture is a superoutstanding video capture designed to accommodate users' needs. Powerful capture function and intuitive ...

McFunSoft Video Solution

McFunSoft Video Solution can capture videos from web camera,TV,VCR, DV, and other devices; convert videos with high-quality in high-speed; DVD burning are all supported. With it, you can convert downloaded videos and burn into DVD, which means internet ...

XmediaStorm  v.4.01

# Capture to WM9, MPEG4 or other supported formats. Support devices like DV Cam, TV tuner card, VCR, webcam, etc. # Broadcast video and audio over internet and intranet in Windows Media 9 format. # Grab, edit and organize digital photos pictures. Import/scan ...

IP Video Transcoding Live!  v.

IP Video Transcoding Live! (Abbreviation IPVTL) is professional multi-channel live transcoding software designed for live media streaming over the internet, like cable and satellite TV digital video broadcasting, video surveillance and events webcasting.

Video DVD Maker FREE

With Video DVD Maker, you can capture video from different video devices, import
movies to various formats, and burn output productions onto any type of media. Video DVD Maker
allows you to create DVD disks blazingly fast.

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