Download Time Timer


Download Time Calculator  v.1 5

Smart Highlight - Automatically detects the most legible price and marks it yellow.Eg when we have the result 586 seconds or 10 minutes will automatically mark field is the value of minutes, the most comprehensive price compared to the 586.The usefulness ...

A1 Website Analyzer  v.4.0.7

Get detailed stats for all pages such as HTML errors, page size, response headers, mime type, response time and download time. Make sure file sizes of your images and documents are not too big. Verify your website does not suffer from broken links and ...


Network Server Monitoring Software

Expert Webmaster Software displays upload download time, host performance and alert by ringing when RTO request time out. Server network monitoring software detects website downtime uptime monitor IP ping failure. Utility test SNMP POP3 HTTP HTTPS SMTP ...

Bandwidth Buster  v.1.0.4

Bandwidth Buster lets you manage the compression of your images, giving the possibility of a smaller file size, and faster download time. Many images, especially photography, can be reduced in file size by more than 50% using JPEG compression, with no ...

Tray Ping  v.

Pings a list of specified IPs at one time. Timer-controlled pinging possible, one IP status is directly displayed as icon in systray, can create log files.

HTML Shrinker Light  v.2.60.0001

Are you facing problems with the download time of your web pages? Your website contains too many redundant / irrelevant HTML codes? HTML Shrinker Light is the solution for all such problems. HTML Shrinker Light is a faster and easy to use utility that ...

TimeCoverGrabber  v.0.1.0

TimeCoverGrabber help you download covers to your PC fast and easy.TimeCoverGrabber Features:
1. Download covers
2. magazine covers
3. grab magazine cover ...

Pixelfusion for Windows Media Player  v.2.72

Most downloaded or streamed video tend to look blurry due to a reduction in the resolution of the video in order to reduce download time. When viewed, it is usually stretched, or resampled, to a higher resolution, to make it easier to view.
Generally, ...

SimpleWeather  v.

Tired of Weather apps taking too long to tell you the weather?
Simple Weather is an app that takes all the complexity, download time, and loading time of most weather apps and keeps it short, simple, and quick.
Get your weather fast.
You can ...

Fish and Tricks  v.

Faster download time for level 3 and 9

How to play:
Control your fish by moving your phone.
The fish grows up by eating smaller fish and bubbles.
Keep away from bigger ones and avoid sharks !

Your task is to clean ...

Smart Turn Off Timer  v.2. 1. 2002

You can use the slider-based interface to set your shutdown time,setting the time in hours and minutes. This utility can also be used from a USB device as a portable application.

You can also set the time interval for your computer to shutdown.

Time Quest  v.

Time Quest is a Greek-themed match-3 game. Your job is to form rows of three or more pieces of the same type by swapping two neighboring pieces. Golden squares appear where rows have been formed successfully. In order to complete a level, you must turn ...

Time Stand Still Strategy Guide  v.

Use Time Stand Still`s official Strategy Guide to solve a 60-year-old murder mystery. Get expert tips and tricks to unveil evidence and secret loves in this suspenseful point-and-click adventure. The Time Stand Still Strategy Guide is written in a special ...

Time Machine Evolution  v.32.0

Time Machine: Evolution is an arcade game that combines best gameplay features of classic match3 and arcade. The goal of the game is to activate the Time Machine and help the main hero to travel through 5 Ages (Stone Age, Antique Age, Medieval Age, Present ...

MetaProducts Download Express  v.

MetaProducts Download Express is a useful free application for downloading files from the Internet Web and from FTP sites.

The application uses the maximum available speed for the downloads and multi-channels technology. The 'Express' appellative ...

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