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Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services 2008  v.2.9.0

Powerful Silverlight technology provides developers with fast, easy and cheap creation of RIA applications. However, the lack of built-in components for displaying the Reporting Services reports in Silverlight puts obstacles in the way of effective work ...

DevForce Silverlight

DevForce Silverlight enables you to build data-intensive rich internet applications today. Writing a service infrastructure and exposing multiple methods for each data type is time consuming. With DevForce, you write your Silverlight application on top ...


Sun Download Manager (web)  v.2.0

Sun Download Manager is a download managing application that works without the need of keeping running the installed web browser while downloading the desired files, and no matter which browser.

The application offers some good tools such as ...

Free Download Manager Video Conversion  v.3.0

Video Conversion plug-in is an addon for the famous Free Download Manager application. With this plug-in you can convert videos that you download in a flash. The plug-in provides multimedia functions for your download manager software . It is free and ...

Meteor Share  v.4.1.0

Whether it is movies, MP3s, applications, books or other you wish to download, this application does have what it takes to keep you happy.

The first great and feature you can notice on MeteorShare is a list of servers that you can connect ...

DC++ Acceleration Patch  v.6.0.6

DC++ Acceleration Patch is an exceptional download-acceleration application that will help you by boosting DC++ downloads spectacularly. Streaming technology used brings your download speed to maximum by uncovering full potential of your own ISP and optimizing ...

Arction Gauges  v.1.0

Add radial gauges for your WPF or Silverlight application, for free. Arction gauges comes with great appearance and configurability. Dial shows your data value and numeric display shows the current value as text. Visualize your data easily with this free ...

Zapya WebShare  v.1.3

Instead of having to download an application on to your computer, the all of the following can be done in the web browser:

- View Photos
- Play Songs
- Watch Videos
- Access any folder from the phone in PC web
- Download ...

Zebra Price Label Software

The ProphetLine POS/Retail Management Software Company has made available as a free software download, an application that manually prints barcode pricing labels. This is not a high volume application that is connected to your current POS software, but ...

MobileWitch ToolBar

Either you need to download an application for you mobile device, a favourite tune, a
game for your PC or the latest movie, our toolbar has it all. Instant access to tens of hand-picked websites, direct
individual torrent links, tons of gadgets, ...

How to Organize Music

Download this application from the Internet to see how to organize music right now. You can also read some tips before that will also tell you how to organize music in fully automated mode. Organize music - ask how to organize music and we will suggest ...

SkyTouch net player  v.3.0

SkyTouch net player is a free download able application that allows users to search for their favorite music, and listen to online radio & TV and TV stations, online game.

The objective is to create a place where SkyTouch net player fans can ...

Total Immersion - Greeting Card 09  v.2.0


- Download the application
- Install it by launching 'Total Immersion Greeting Card 2009 Installer.exe'
- Print the greeting card
- Connect your webcam
- Launch the application 'Total Immersion ...

Pelotero  v.0.1 Alpha

Yet another download manager. Application that allows to download files via a proxy server. In this way downloads blocked by domain will no longer be blocked! App in BETA state.Requirements:
* Java ...

Mickey and Frinds  v.

Download this application if not don't, because here are only the iamges of the characters.

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