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BitDefender [{PRODUCT_NAME]]  v.2010

Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers - and even total strangers
* Protects against viruses and other malware using industry-leading technologyNEW
* Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in ...

Multi-user Stratego  v.rc

A multiplayer 'stratego' clone with peer-peer player capabilities. Made in the'eXtreme programming' software development way.


Meteor Share  v.4.1.0

Whether it is movies, MP3s, applications, books or other you wish to download, this application does have what it takes to keep you happy.

The first great and feature you can notice on MeteorShare is a list of servers that you can connect ...

SoulSeek 157 NS 13  v.

Soulseek is a file-sharing or peer-to-peer (P2P) application. It is used mostly to exchange music, but users are able to share distinct type of files. It also is used as a platform for the promotion of unsigned artists.

Ad-free, spyware-free, ...

SoulSeek Client 157 test 12b  v.

This program was created with the intention to help unknown musicians to distribute their material easily, but can be used to share all kind of files.

The 'Search File' button allows you to search in the whole sharing network the ...

Turbo Mule  v.4.3.0

Whether you are new at this downloading business, or you are a genuine download addict, this application will definitely meet your expectations and provide the easiest and safest way to download and share.

It is compatible with ...

Collanos Workplace  v.

With this useful program members can share documents, perform phone conferences, establish tasks for any member of the team, and many other interesting features that I'm sure you will find very useful.

Once the program is installed on your ...

Ruby P2P OutBreak  v.2.8.0

RUBY P2P Outbreak is a computer program which allows you to download various filetypes such as music, videos and pictures from other users' shared collections.

The outstanding feature of RUBY P2P Outbreak is the ability to connect to and search ...

Emerald P2P UltraPeer  v.2.8.0

EMERALD P2P UltraPeer is a very fast and precise download service which provides a built-in file search engine and chat functions. Using the service is extremely intuitive and you feel you are one click away from downloading any MP3 files, MPEGS (movie ...

BIPmedia Toolbar

Never wait for files to download again!
With peer-to-peer services (like Kazza, Bearshare, Morpheus, Win MX, etc...) you have to wait hours, even days to download media, and even after you've downloaded the file, it might be the wrong ...

Kalendra  v.2.0.3

By default all the options come with photos of cute animals, but you can also download other interesting theme packs (including photos and videos), or even use your own. You can easily add friends from your favorite social networks, webmail, and even ...

Z33k  v.4.2

z33k can search, download and play music (mp3) from the huge Dilandau, MP3Skull, and emp3world databases. It can even manage "playlist-links". These "playlists-links" files (.z33k) can also be shared with friends by the way you wish. The ...

Vorboils  v.2 6

Option to generate and automatically update desktop wallpapers!
Unleash the full power of Vorboils and let it mutate to generate an infinite number of wormholes
Option to choose your own images to display on the logo cube (supports masked images too)!
Sync the clock and your PC time to an online atomic clock (accurate to 1 second in 6 millions years)!
Loads more wacky 3D clock faces to choose from!
Enable the 2D digital clocks!
Ability to take screen shots!
Save, load, download & share your favourite ...

I2P  v.0.8.13

Many applications are available that interface with I2P, including mail, peer-peer, IRC chat, and others.I2P is a scalable, self organizing, resilient packet switched anonymous network layer, upon which any number of different anonymity or security conscious ...

Transporter Peer to Peer  v.

Transporter Peer to Peer is a utility for personal file sharing across local networks or the Internet. It uses non-server based P2P connections with customizable encryption and password protection for added security. You can use the software to text chat, ...

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