Does Registry Easy Work


Easy Work Time Calculator  v.3.1

Easy Work Time Calculator is a simple and easy to use worktime calculator. It can calculate/count the time consumption of your works by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and their sum and average. The numbers of date time elements are ...

Registry Easy Installer

Enjoy registry repair made easy with Registry Easy. Your privacy is better protected when you can remove your history records and wipe them clean. Registry easy gives you the ability to do that and more with one click. Set the system to scan automatically ...


Registry Easy

Registry Easy is an award-winning Windows Registry Cleaner that helps you scan your PC. Safely clean the errors & invalid entries which cause system slowdown, freezing and crashing! Repair registry problems! Improve your PC performance!

BankLink Notes  v.

BankLink Notes is an electronic version of the Coding Report, and very easy to use. It's ideal for clients who have computers with email access, but don't wish to spend much time on their own accounts.

How does BankLink Notes work?


Tip!  v.

Tired of calculating? Tip!is an easy-to-use app that does all the work for you to calculate tips,and split the bill in seconds!Impress your friends with the best tip calculator around!


ChangeShortName  v.1.3

ChangeShortName is an easy-to-use utility that does the dirty work involved in changing the short name of a user's account in Mac OS X (versions 10.4.x and 10.3.x). It can also repair some problems that occur when a user has attempted to change their ...

Aurigma PhotoEditor

Designed for easy work with photos over the web, it ideally combines all most popular and required photo editing features with speed and simplicity of use. When integrated with a site, PhotoEditor allows users to edit a photo stored there - rotate, crop, ...

WireCapture  v.1 1

WireCapture component allows you to capture media from any video source (web camera, TV Tuner, Capture Board etc) just with 3 lines of code!

WireCapture does all the work with DirectShow routine, you just use our simple interface.

You ...


It does the tedious work of figuring which numbers are possible in each unsolved cell and provides tools to help you find the solution, including three levels of hints. Generate puzzles with six levels of difficulty, or you can enter puzzles from newspapers.

Company Logo Designer ProTrial

Just click on what you like and the software does the design work for you. Download the free demo now!

WireCapture (DEMO)  v.1 1

WireCapture does all the work with DirectShow routine, you just use the simple interface. This component is based on COM (Component Object Model). COM allows the component to be used with different development environments including Delphi, ...

McCAD PCB-ST  v.2 5

McCAD PCB-ST is an integrated PCB layout design environment for the board designer who does serious layout work and requires the availability of powerful design and edit tools at his fingertips. McCAD PCB-STs' numerous automated features allows you to ...

Look RS232  v.4 3

Its easy to use interface guarantees an easy work with Com-port. Look RS232 can send data through COM port, receive data from an outer device through COM port, it has port indication as well. Look RS-232 supports connection at the standard speed of 110 ...

SLS (Sanitary Lift Station)  v.1 1

Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions.

Main features:

- Windows 98 and above format featuring Windows Input.
- Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format.
- Data file capability for quick and ...

Chaos Crystal  v.2.0

This program does not currently work for Windows 98 and below. The ability to set transparent windows can allow you to be more productive with numerous windows open at once, even on a smaller display.

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