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Interactive DNS Query  v.1 2

Interactive DNS Query is a free utility that has been specially designed to give website operators the opportunity to execute queries of DNS records, and check the results. The program's graphical user interface is quite straightforward and easy to use.

DNS Query  v.1 2

This 32-bit program resolves an IP address for a givenHost name, and vice versa. By just clicking 'OK', DNSQuery resolves your machines host name and IP address.


NetStat Agent  v.3.2

It includes all useful network tools such as netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, dns query (nslookup), whois, arp, route and http checker, but in a clean graphical interface.

NetStat Agent shows your TCP and UDP connections, the geographical ...

NetStat Agent Portable  v.3.2

It includes all useful network tools such as netstat, ping, traceroute, ipconfig, dns query (nslookup), whois, arp, route and http checker, but in a clean graphical interface.

NetStat Agent allows network administrators to monitor TCP and ...

DNSQueries.com Toolbar  v.

Once you have installed it, it is easy to make tests, in fact the toolbar will give you a unique and instant access to Domain Health Check, Find IP Neighbors, DNS Query, Traceroute, Ip Locator, and many more.

DbForge Query Builder for MySQL  v.3.3

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL is a visual tool for quick quick queries creation and extended data management. With the help of this tool developers can effortlessly create and edit any complex queries in just several clicks. The main component of Query ...

SoftCab Whois  v.1.3

See whois information, query DNS records for any domain name, and keep information aboit your own domains in one place. Receive instant notifications about pending payments. Never loose your domain name because you forgot to pay! Whois lookup, whois monitor, ...

NxFilter  v.1.1.4

NxFilter is a DNS filtering software controlling user activity on Internet. You can monitor Internet usage in your network and block user request for websites with NxFilter. Features * Active Directory integration * Unlimited custom categories * User ...

HSS Core Framework  v.4.3.200

dll for automated use TE Supports split files for separating Object Model and Data Access logic TE Split files also provides for sharing of Object Models between Client and Server TE Network library with full featured (RFC Compliant) SMTP and DNS Clients TE SMTP User ...

TekENUM  v.

Can act as a DNS Proxy for undefined ENUM endpoints as well as unsupported DNS query types.
7. Quick and easy installation.
8. Supports Access (MDB) and Microsoft SQL Server.
9. Runs as a Windows service.TekENUM automatically select first ...

Simon Free  v.3.0.2

They include: - DNS: Query a domain name server to ensure the domain is visible. - FTP: Look at a file on an FTP server, to detect its availability or changes. - Ping: Ping any server to check responsiveness; you can specify timeout and packet loss ...

DbForge Query Builder for SQL Server  v.3.11

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server is a tool for quick creation of SQL queries and extended data management. It allows you to effortlessly create any complex queries to SQL Server databases. The main component of Query Builder is a visual diagram where ...

DNS MX Wizard ActiveX

DNS MX Wizard is an ActiveX control that lets you query a Domain Name System (DNS) server for Mail Exchange(MX) Resource Records(RR). MX RR's contain the name of the server responsible for handling mail for a domain. Multiple resource records can exist ...

Execute Query  v.3.5.0 Build 5190

Execute Query is a operating system independent database utility written entirely in Java. Execute Query provide a common interface to the myriad of database vendor systems available today.
Using the flexibility provided by Java Database Connectivity ...

Simple DNS Plus

The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003
With Simple DNS Plus you can hosts your own domain name, or simply speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server.

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